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FiledRose crouched down beside the Doctor. "That's a mystery, then."

The Doctor looked up at her, with a grin. "The up to your armpits in corpses by the third chapter kind of mystery? Or the I seem to have misplaced my spectacles kind of mystery?"

"The second." Rose blinked, making a mental note to avoid mystery novels. "I can't find my nail file."

Wriggling out from under the console, the Doctor handed Rose her file. "I've been using it to clean around the switches."

"Thanks." Rose noted the gunk build-up on the end and handed it back. "You keep it."


dw100challenge #71: hardboiled detective novel


1st Jun, 2005 22:36 (UTC)
Peter Davison was the only Doctor I'd seen all the way through. The ABC started airing (almost) the entire series last year so I got to see the first three Doctors and, fortunately, have started screen the new series too.

I was quite fond of Paul McGann too, but never thought much of the sixth and seventh Doctors.
2nd Jun, 2005 12:49 (UTC)
Oh cool that you got to see the whole Davidson season, i haven't yet because they're been so bad at released Doctor Who and i deprived of all the shiny satellite and sky-type things that people with brains have managed to get. Parents are not into that kind of thing, and frankly i'd have to choose between it and broadband. but when i move out, i might have to get bazillions of extra channels and just not choose between them and broadband. heh.

i thought it was a real pity they chose McGann, who was a great doctor, and put him in a relatively badly produced movie. Making a movie from an english series that has a certain nostalgia connected to tv-budget effects but excellent writing was a bad idea. the effects took control but were not stunning, and the writing suffered. ahwell.