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FiledRose crouched down beside the Doctor. "That's a mystery, then."

The Doctor looked up at her, with a grin. "The up to your armpits in corpses by the third chapter kind of mystery? Or the I seem to have misplaced my spectacles kind of mystery?"

"The second." Rose blinked, making a mental note to avoid mystery novels. "I can't find my nail file."

Wriggling out from under the console, the Doctor handed Rose her file. "I've been using it to clean around the switches."

"Thanks." Rose noted the gunk build-up on the end and handed it back. "You keep it."


dw100challenge #71: hardboiled detective novel


1st Jun, 2005 22:26 (UTC)
If you want to see the new Doctor Who, you'll have to download them for now. At least the ABC in Australia have started screening them only a little behind the UK, which is lovely.

Perhaps you're right with the nail file, but I tend to use them for other things. Still haven't learned not to use my thumbnails for screwdrivers, so am probably not the best judge of gunky nail file life expectancy.
1st Jun, 2005 23:33 (UTC)
Well, once you use the flimsy wooden ones for something else, they're pretty much shot in terms of actually doing anything to your nails. And there's really no way to get guck out of the tiny little grooves in metal nail files. (I should know -- I use mine to trim candles. *grin*)