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FiledRose crouched down beside the Doctor. "That's a mystery, then."

The Doctor looked up at her, with a grin. "The up to your armpits in corpses by the third chapter kind of mystery? Or the I seem to have misplaced my spectacles kind of mystery?"

"The second." Rose blinked, making a mental note to avoid mystery novels. "I can't find my nail file."

Wriggling out from under the console, the Doctor handed Rose her file. "I've been using it to clean around the switches."

"Thanks." Rose noted the gunk build-up on the end and handed it back. "You keep it."


dw100challenge #71: hardboiled detective novel


1st Jun, 2005 16:41 (UTC)

Ahem, I too am a great fan of the latest Dr. In the UK we've only got 3 more eps to go and I'm heartbroken. *sniff* I think you got the Doctor and Rose well. :)
1st Jun, 2005 22:30 (UTC)
Squeeing right along with you. I'm not happy at losing Chris Eccleston so soon either. He's a wonderful Doctor.

Nice to hear you liked this.