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Too Many Hands

Too Many HandsSpike sat at the counter watching Dawn make hot chocolate. The Potentials had disappeared on a training expedition, leaving the house strangely quiet.

"So," Dawn placed the mugs in the microwave, pushing a button to nuke the milk. "What was your road trip with Andrew like?"

Spike shrugged. "He talks a lot. About total bollocks most of time, but thumping him would be like kicking a puppy. And when he rides pillion he seems to gain extra hands."

Andrew groping Spike was more than Dawn needed to know. But when she thought about it... "So where exactly were Andrew's hands?"


open_on_sundaychallenge #112: missing scenes


18th May, 2005 23:32 (UTC)
Heh, excellent ending. I can picture perfectly her initial cringe at the idea, and then the slow evolution of her expression into an evil grin as the decided 'needing to know' and 'wanting to know' were two completely different and independantly justifiable things.
If Spike were ever dumb enough to let me ride pillion with him, we'd be in a writhing pile in the ditch before he could say "thats not the sissy-bar, thats my groin".
19th May, 2005 01:04 (UTC)
And it doesn't take much imagination to picture that scenario, does it?
20th May, 2005 17:59 (UTC)
it certainly doesn't take me much.