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Too Many Hands

Too Many HandsSpike sat at the counter watching Dawn make hot chocolate. The Potentials had disappeared on a training expedition, leaving the house strangely quiet.

"So," Dawn placed the mugs in the microwave, pushing a button to nuke the milk. "What was your road trip with Andrew like?"

Spike shrugged. "He talks a lot. About total bollocks most of time, but thumping him would be like kicking a puppy. And when he rides pillion he seems to gain extra hands."

Andrew groping Spike was more than Dawn needed to know. But when she thought about it... "So where exactly were Andrew's hands?"


open_on_sundaychallenge #112: missing scenes


18th May, 2005 11:15 (UTC)
"So where exactly were Andrew's hands?"

Heehee! :)
18th May, 2005 11:20 (UTC)
I think it's one of those questions that would harass you until you found out.
18th May, 2005 11:25 (UTC)
Well, *I* certainly want to know now. ;)