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Lessons in Food Preparation

Lessons in Food PreparationThere was blood on the walls, sliding down, thick and viscous over congealed residuum. Dripping in heavy, spattering globules to pool in the depressions.

Cooling, thickening puddles of gore that were surprisingly difficult to dislodge. Domestic cleaning products not generally aimed at removing the contents of exploded blood bags from the inside of white goods.

Spike had learned several things. To assume that plastic was non-microwave safe if not marked otherwise. Heating plastic affected the taste of food. But how was he to know that sealed containers exploded. Or that they could cover the inside of an appliance so readily.

open_on_sundaychallenge #47: livejournal mood: impressed
Part of the Microwave!verse


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17th Feb, 2004 04:41 (UTC)
I love. Funny. I did that today. Only a bowl of ravioli instead of a blood bag. ^_^
17th Feb, 2004 04:51 (UTC)
Thanks, sweetie. I exploded soup once, which while nasty to clean up, didn't have the visual impact of my spaghetti bolognaise mishap or your encounter with the redistributed ravioli.
17th Feb, 2004 10:54 (UTC)
Oh, you are wicked. I think that's why I like you. Mental images of that microwave are going to linger in my mind - because it's probably cleaner than mine right now...
17th Feb, 2004 22:16 (UTC)
Okay, now I'll be left wondering if you microwave comparison was before or after Spike cleaned out the blood.
17th Feb, 2004 22:35 (UTC)
Some things are better left to the imagination, because reality is worse... *peers uneasily at microwave*
18th Feb, 2004 03:32 (UTC)
MWA HA HA HA! And nineteenth century ignorance stikes again! Not that we've learned to take shit out of the bag in this century, but lets make fun of the oldtimer anyway, yeah?
18th Feb, 2004 04:12 (UTC)
At least he has that excuse. Mine is that I never bothered getting a microwave until five years ago. And five years still hasn't taught me about not exploding things in the damn thing. Although it had taught me that egg is a bitch to clean off anything.
( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )