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ConcomitanceDawn didn't like Passions. Feigning an interest was just an excuse to see Spike. The beauty of her plan gave her uninterrupted time to curl up beside him while they watched the programme.

How was Dawn to know it was also her mother's favourite programme?

That little secret had been well kept, until a chance encounter threw them together during the show's timeslot. It made it tough to surreptitiously snuggle hot vampires when your mother was sitting beside you, so Dawn was forced to watch the show. To her horror she found herself joining in their debate over the plot.


spikedawnchallenge #7: beauty
open_on_sundaychallenge #109: guilty pleasures


26th Apr, 2005 09:02 (UTC)
For some reason the Brits go nuts for Australian soaps. This still strikes me as insane considering some of the quality stuff they send our way, but they took Kylie Minogue away, so yay.

Neighbours is an appallingly bad local soap. I heard recently that the scripts had been sold to a US company to be remade with a US cast. I'm struggling to think of a good US remake that involves studio monkeys. So imagine any tiny fragment of goodness that exists in those scripts, dumbed down to where some studio exec thinks the US audience will get it. I don't expect it to survive beyond pilot.

But saying that, the morons at Warner Bros passed on Global Frequency, so they'd probably love Neighbours.

On the US production front, I'd like to see the end of continual clones of the same law and crime programmes and all reality shows killed. How about some originality? Think outside the box for a change.
26th Apr, 2005 20:54 (UTC)
Yeah, a lot of stuff doesn't make it past the pilot stage around here. Thank goodness.

I actually like 'Law & Order' and its first two spinoffs; haven't seen 'Trial By Jury' yet. But there has been a disgusting increase of reality shows over the past few years that seriously needs to call it quits.

~~How about some originality?~~
I agree; I've often said the same thing. It's suddenly become a sin in the TV universe to be creative. Enough with the voyeurism, screw making people face their worst fears, leave the I'm-recovering-from-the-hell-life-put-me-through garbage to the psychiatrist and the patient-doctor confidentiality. It doesn't need to be on the air.