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TemperingSpike and Dawn's business trip to Los Angeles in search of esoteric texts had taken less time than they expected, so they made use of their rare free time to catch up with old friends.

Angel was tied up with meetings for the morning, so they had received the grand tour of Wolfram and Hart, before being ushered into Angel's office to await his arrival.

"It was wonderful to catch up with Wesley, to finally meet everyone else and I'm still weirded out by Harmony. But I have to ask... seeing Angel's garage... is he trying to compensate for something?


tinpanalleychallenge: spike/dawn, london!verse, visiting the la gang
Part of the London!verse


25th Apr, 2005 00:02 (UTC)
With the fake memories she would have to have met him, I would have to assume that she got to know more about the more tolerable Wesley long distance. The others she would have heard about. Wes and Fred should have been regular correspondents for research.

What was more of an issue was that I kept thinking of LA as being post-battle, making most of the crew dead.