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Amalgam"What are you doing, love?"

She had scooped a small mountain of ice cream into a bowl and was proceeding to install little mountaineers along its peaks and valleys. "They were out of cookies and cream." She popped a stray animal cracker in her mouth.

Spike sat opposite her and examined her construction; camels, monkeys and bison were carefully embedded in her dessert. "Does it taste the same?"

"A little, once the animal crackers go all mushy." Dawn smooshed a kangaroo into the ice cream before spooning it into her mouth and slowly licking the spoon. "Want to try some?"


laridianchallenge: spike/dawn, ice cream, monkeys


24th Apr, 2005 18:55 (UTC)
rethink: not only is it not much of a challenge, its also more suited to a fic than a drabble.

So try this instead: Whumping. Pure, unadulterated, gasping, whites of eyes whumping. Spike. Comfort provided by character of your choice. Make it brutal.