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Amalgam"What are you doing, love?"

She had scooped a small mountain of ice cream into a bowl and was proceeding to install little mountaineers along its peaks and valleys. "They were out of cookies and cream." She popped a stray animal cracker in her mouth.

Spike sat opposite her and examined her construction; camels, monkeys and bison were carefully embedded in her dessert. "Does it taste the same?"

"A little, once the animal crackers go all mushy." Dawn smooshed a kangaroo into the ice cream before spooning it into her mouth and slowly licking the spoon. "Want to try some?"


laridianchallenge: spike/dawn, ice cream, monkeys


24th Apr, 2005 18:37 (UTC)
My box fetish is for the weird little cardboard box Chinese food containers on American television.

oh my god yes!! we can't get them at all here, so i haven't even been able to develop an obsession. such a fantastic sound, using chopsticks to eat straight from the box. Lord i want some.

I spent alot of today being amused by the tadpoles in our pond. I went outside to stand in torrential rain for a bit, and got occupied with poking the poles. They're not scared at all, they come and hug your finger when you dip your hand in the pond. It was great.

As I'm unofficially on the drabble challenge meme, fancy offering me a challenge?

hm. i'm so unused to your usual fandoms that i find it hard to think... but i would love something crossed over with Highlander. Adrian or Christopher's highlander, maybe with Spike and Dawn finding the highlander in a tricky situation (and by this, i trust that you realise i mean rampant whumping), and helping him out? Not much of a challenge i'm afraid.
24th Apr, 2005 18:55 (UTC)
rethink: not only is it not much of a challenge, its also more suited to a fic than a drabble.

So try this instead: Whumping. Pure, unadulterated, gasping, whites of eyes whumping. Spike. Comfort provided by character of your choice. Make it brutal.