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Reliquary"What do you mean, Spike has an iPod? I don't have an iPod."

Dawn held the phone away from her ear, waiting for her sister to stop ranting. "Are you done?"

Buffy muttered softly to herself before replying. "I bet it's full of punk."

"There's some." Broken down into London and New York subsets. "But there's also Bach, Doris Day and Cream. There's a large selection of audio books on it too." Dawn could hear Buffy making fish noises as she tried to imagine Spike listening to Doris Day. "What? You'd rather he listened to the doof you like?"


myfeetshowitchallenge: spike, dawn, technology


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18th Apr, 2005 05:06 (UTC)
LOL! I love it. I almost went with an Ipod theme myself but I've never had one and wasn't sure how they work.

And why wouldn't he listen to Doris Day. He probably had the hots for her in her heydey.
18th Apr, 2005 05:11 (UTC)
Doris Day has a very cool voice, her big band stuff is gorgeous. I would have loved to have seen her do more movies like The Man Who Knew To Much, than the fluff she ended up in. Such a waste.

I liked giving Spike an eclectic taste in music compared to Buffy's no-brainer chart pap.

Glad you liked.
18th Apr, 2005 05:23 (UTC)
Buffy just can't understand Spike. Gah.
18th Apr, 2005 05:31 (UTC)
She never did get him, but then the only person shallow enough for her to understand was Angel.
(Deleted comment)
18th Apr, 2005 13:30 (UTC)
Thanks. I wanted something than ran across a broad array of musical types.
18th Apr, 2005 13:37 (UTC)
I like no-brainer chart pap! ::growls::

But i like ELO too, and Beethoven. And Spike. Yum.
19th Apr, 2005 00:32 (UTC)
May you enjoy Kylie Minogue.
19th Apr, 2005 08:38 (UTC)
okay, that's going a little too far, even for my sad indiscriminate tastes.
19th Apr, 2005 10:03 (UTC)
Well, it's proof that you have musical taste and don't just eat what the charts feed you.
19th Apr, 2005 22:20 (UTC)
18th Apr, 2005 13:51 (UTC)
1) Squee! Spike with an iPod! I imagine he would like the black and red limited edition U2 one.

2) Of course Buffy has shitty taste in music.
19th Apr, 2005 00:34 (UTC)
Buffy's taste on the show was appalling. It was no taste, just whatever fashion dictated she was supposed to like.
18th Apr, 2005 16:22 (UTC)
"What do you mean, Spike has an iPod? I don't have an iPod."

"Yeah but he's cool and you're not - bitch!"

Sorry, really must stop writing peoples' stories for them! ;)
19th Apr, 2005 00:35 (UTC)
Well, that line did come to me too, so you're not alone.
19th Apr, 2005 08:34 (UTC)
19th Apr, 2005 14:21 (UTC)
I think I'm jealous that Spike has an iPod. Hee!
19th Apr, 2005 22:59 (UTC)
I can picture Angel still trying to figure out how to get it out of the wacky packaging.
(Deleted comment)
21st Apr, 2005 09:46 (UTC)
Why not.
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