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EnlightenmentMary rummaged through the bedside drawers for a second time. She hoped not to find out any further little peculiarities about Michael; the things she'd found so far were more than enough to make her question her ability to pick people.

"Have you looked in boxes under the bed?" Stretched out on the bed, Michael seemed mildly amused at his position and happily offered suggestions.

If the comments had actually been helpful, Mary probably wouldn't be grinding her teeth every time he spoke. "Yes. Twice." That was where she'd found the large collection of alphabetised porn DVDs.

Michael idly scratched his balls. "The shelves in the wardrobe?"

That was where she'd found the vibrators. Mary shuddered. She didn't know whether it was more disturbing that he had so many or that they were grouped by colour. "I couldn't find them there either."

"They can have gone too far. It was just last week..." He trailed off as Mary glared at him. "I didn't mean... I was only joking."

Mary didn't reply. She got dressed in silence and picked up her bag, turning back to Michael before she left.

"You can't leave me here. You bitch! Come back here."

Closing the bedroom door on his rantings, Mary let herself out of his apartment. He'd seemed such a nice man too, but some things we a little much on a first date. But maybe he'd learn something from the experience. Like knowing where to find the keys before he handcuffed himself to the bed.


15minuteficletsword #101: searching
15minuteficletsword #102: missing
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