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NexusWolf and Declán sat beneath the tree where they'd first met Samuel. The boy in question was running about the green, without a care in the world, two young girls squealing as he chased them.

The Bookers were the family fostering the girls removed from Mrs Mzizana's care on an earlier occasion and were more than happy to take on Samuel. They made for a nice family.

"How's it going with the cops?" Declán cheered as the girls tackled Samuel.

"Better than we could have hoped."

It looked like Nkosinathi Ngema was an innocent party in the whole affair. He had been under the impression that Samuel was Lindiwe Mzizana's nephew and was horrified to learn what was planned for the boy. Mr Ngeme had been more than happy to help the police set up Naledzani Madide.

Mr Madide had loudly protested his innocence, with less than subtle hints about filing a complaint over racism. Unfortunately, for Mr Madide, his holier than thou stance started to look a bit wobbly after the good Mrs Mzizana played the muti-pride card and gave the police letter and verse of their goings on. From making the changes to Mr Ngema's manifest that had brought him to the attention of the police, to harbouring the trafficked children, to passing them on to Mr Madide, helping him make the muti and then disposing of the bodies afterwards. She was a wealth of information, even managing to implicate the people traffickers who were one step further back from her place in the chain. Inspector Craddock was delirious.

Wolf watched Mr Booker kicking a ball around with the children.

Finding Samuel's parents would be a tricky prospect. Mr Booker worked for the Sierra Leone High Commission and was using all of his connections to try and track them down. But there were no guarantees.

From the information Samuel had supplied, it was determined that he was most likely from Northern Sierra Leone or Southern Guinea. His family had moved around a lot and that didn't help matters. On top of problem of finding Samuel's parents, it was still unknown if the boy had been sold or kidnapped. If he was sold, it could happen again, but a kidnapping threw yet another grey area into the mix.

Samuel's family had been large, but relatively poor. If they found out he was living in London and had the opportunity for a good education and a better life than they could provide, they might elect not to step forward. And that didn't even take into account the numbers of false positives, with unrelated people claiming Samuel as their son.

It was a bureaucratic nightmare and Wolf was well happy to be out of that side of things. She stood up and brushed herself off. "I'll catch you later, Declán. Go and play with the lad. Enjoy being an uncle while you have the chance."


15minuteficletsword #100: karma
moonbeamsfanfic — challenge: declán and a child
Part of the Sangoma!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


6th Apr, 2005 15:10 (UTC)
I like the idea of Uncle Declán, but I'm sure he'd make a great father too. And I bet Wolf wouldn't be all that bad of Aunt if it's Declán's pups she'd be dealing with. Assuming his kids are werewolves too. It is hereditary, isn't it? The werewolf gene is dominant?

Thanks for writing these stories for me, Wolf. You've more than met your quota. Of course, this doesn't mean I'll stop begging for more Dec-fics, but I might at least lighten up for a while. You done good! :D
7th Apr, 2005 05:35 (UTC)
Declán would probably be fine with kids. Wolf, on the other hand, would be the kind of aunt who gives drums and bagpipes as gifts.

I think that I originally had the gene as recessive, but it was a gene that a lot of people carried in an inactive form. The werewolves had long lives but a genetic predisposition towards fighting and against breeding.

Who knows, maybe Rachel has the recessive gene and you'll be up to your armpits in puppies one day. I'm sure Buster and Levi will be happy to help out.

Pleased that you liked it. I think it came out to somewhere between 4,500 and 5,000 words in the end. Now it's done, perhaps the muse will be more co-operative on other topics.