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Cloak of Invisibility

Cloak Of InvisibilityThe woman fronted up to the bar, squeezing between two patrons who were struggling to convey a large numbers of drinks through the press of people waiting for service. Admittedly there were a lot of people waiting to place their order, but even if it was a slow night, she was always ignored in pubs. The staff either overlooking her or assuming she was with someone else, and tonight was no different.

It wasn't like she was a mousy brown secretary decked out in office bland either. Working with a creative company that encouraged individuality made for a working environment that resembled a corporate suit's idea of a freak zoo.

She's recently tied for stupidest hair in the company, the staff still undecided over whether dreadlocks or shaving your hair into interesting shapes was the more imaginative choice. A face full of piercings added to her non-clone look. But even taking that into consideration, she practically had to jump the bar and crash tackle a bartender for service.

There'd been many theories tossed about over her pub invisibility problem. The simplest being that it was a pub thing. Pub thing, not being clarified, although the Twilight Zone theme was offered by way of an explanation. There were also suggestions that she try donning a clone suit to see if she still suffered the same problem. This, it was implied, would at least narrow it down to her being in possession of a cloak of invisibility that only activated in specific social situations. It was also a given that she worked with way too many geeks.

Finally catching the eye of a harried bartender she placed her order. Looking at her watch, she smiled, fifteen minutes, a new record. Collecting the drinks, she took part in the traditional feat of pub juggling and returned to enjoy another Friday night with her friends bitching about work.

15minuteficletsword #42: disguise


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16th Feb, 2004 01:48 (UTC)
Oh, I like this very much - I got a vivid image of the woman as described. I like the irony of her standing out but being unable to attract a bartender's attention... very nice touch.
16th Feb, 2004 01:53 (UTC)
Thanks. I guess it's better to be ignored at the bar instead of being on first name terms with the staff like the office drunk is.
16th Feb, 2004 01:58 (UTC)
A good point, that...
(Deleted comment)
16th Feb, 2004 05:09 (UTC)
What's the point of having a superpower if the damn thing is out of your control and has a sense of humour of its own? Invisibility has its uses, however, getting service isn't one of them.
(Deleted comment)
17th Feb, 2004 22:35 (UTC)
It would be nice, unfortunately she's only invisible to the bartenders and not the other patrons. So it's not terribly practical for a career in espionage.
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