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StilettoSpike walked across the yard to where Dawn sat on the back steps, a pair of insubstantial, strappy heels hung between delicately pinched fingers at a careful arm's length. At twenty paces he could smell the viscous substance that dripped off a needle sharp heel and left a sizzling divot in the concrete below.

As he sat beside her, Dawn finally looked up. Her face was streaked with tears. Spike put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close, letting Dawn snuffle into his coat. He noticed that her grip on the shoes hadn't wavered.

"You want to tell me what's going on, love?" Dawn nodded, sniffed loudly and scrubbed at her eyes with her free hand.

"They're the Manolo Blahnik's."

Dawn didn't need to say any more. Buffy had found them after a rather terminal vampire eviction from a downtown warehouse. She had bent everyone's ears about her find for weeks.

The shoes were rare. At the looks of incomprehension from all and sundry, Buffy had all but drawn a timeline of design changes and significant moments in the history of the designer and his shoes.

Word of the street — that would be the street where people discussed the whys and wherefores of women's footwear — had it that the designer had yanked this particular design from a collection on the grounds that it was too dangerous. The shoes had a 9cm titanium stiletto heel that tapered down to a tiny 2.5mm that, rumour had it, was capable of cutting through flesh and bone. While this had briefly perked up Spike's interest, Buffy was more excited about having shoes nobody else had owned.

The evening's lecture had degenerated into the kind of affair where you were forced to watch the slide show of your uncle's recent holiday — all ten cartridges of slides. It was riveting stuff if you were the uncle, but halfway through the third cartridge the audience was contemplating homicide, suicide or both.

Xander had snored loudly during an exciting if you're a shoe fetishist moment and Buffy hadn't spoken to him for a week.

"And the shoes would appear to have been dipped demon excretions because..." Spike was surprised that Dawn could stomach being near the stench, he guessed that her runny nose was filtering out the worst of eau-de-demon.

Dawn sniffed again, but still didn't show any reaction to the smell. "I had just gotten home when Buffy called, said she'd left the shoes at the Magic Box and asked me to pick them up. You know how silly she is about them, she didn't even realise that it would be dark when I got back."

Spike was less than impressed at Buffy's priorities.

"So, I packed a couple of stakes and filled the water pistol with holy water."

"But you didn't see a vampire," Spike guessed the rest of the story. "You ran into a Hywrhill demon and they tend to get miffed about being poked with bits of wood."

Nodding as Spike described her situation, Dawn continued, "I ran, but he was faster and I tripped and he grabbed my leg and I swung around and I think I took his eye out with the heel of one shoe, but the other was kind of stuck in his head, here..." She pointed to her temple. "And he didn't move."

Spike hugged her tight against his side. Hywrhill demons had a peculiar physiological condition that was not dissimilar to the anti-slash seating used to deter vandalism on public transport. Once the skin of the demon was puncture, it held the weapon tightly. Dawn must have had a burst of terror-induced strength to have freed the shoe from the demon's head. He could see small burn holes on the rolled-up cuffs of her jeans. Dawn was lucky not to have gotten seriously hurt from the demon's acidic sweat.

"How am I going to tell Buffy?"

He was about to suggest the she tell Buffy the truth and to make sure she included a nice little guilt trip, but Dawn turned to him, her eyes puffy and red, but the look was enough to tell him that Dawn's health and welfare came second to the that of the shoes.

"You could say I borrowed them for the screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show." At least it got a giggle out of Dawn. "Or you could distract her." Being the product of a mass media generated short attention span did have some benefits, but Spike was pushed to think of a shiny thing large enough to make Buffy forget about her beloved shoes.

The front door opened and Dawn jumped to her feet, Spike could see the tension in her frozen expression. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

As she stomped through the house, Buffy yelled for her sister and Spike had a moment of clear and perfect insanity. As Buffy stepped into the kitchen and looked towards the back door, Spike grabbed Dawn and kissed her.

Screaming as if her throat had been cut, Buffy threw herself across the room and fumbled with the door handle in her haste to kill Spike. But she was too late. Spike and the ex-stilettos had vanished, leaving Dawn to face her sister's wrath.

It was all Dawn could manage to look suitably chastened through her telling off. Kissing Spike was a far less serious offence than accidentally destroying a pair of shoes and one she was happy to sit through, nodding and shaking her head at the appropriate moments when Buffy needed to take a breath mid-rant.

He'd dug her out of a hole that she thought would bury her. When she saw Spike again, she could just kiss him.

spikedawnchallenge #5: choices


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19th Mar, 2005 12:27 (UTC)
I love it. Spike's idea was a stroke of genius! :)
20th Mar, 2005 03:11 (UTC)
Well, he does have to look out for Dawn.
19th Mar, 2005 12:55 (UTC)
and i'm sure it was a distraction that didnt cause him too much angst either! very sweet, i love the idea of a demons flesh gripping weapons, thats just several shades of cool.
20th Mar, 2005 03:14 (UTC)
That idea really is used for public transport seating. If you stab it, the blade is grabbed and you can't get it out, leaving one seat damaged instead of all. I didn't see why it couldn't be applied to demons.
20th Mar, 2005 13:33 (UTC)
absolutely. it'd be quite for ones self actually, sure you're gonna get stabbed but why not pick up a nice big new shiny knife at the same time.
19th Mar, 2005 15:41 (UTC)
Spike is really really smart!!..i love your fic!

20th Mar, 2005 03:15 (UTC)
And I love that you enjoyed it. Thanks!
(Deleted comment)
20th Mar, 2005 03:15 (UTC)
19th Mar, 2005 17:00 (UTC)
There aren't words for how I love this so much!

It's a gift.

Thank you!

20th Mar, 2005 03:17 (UTC)
So pleased to hear you enjoyed it.
19th Mar, 2005 17:46 (UTC)
Spike always does best on the spur of the moment. You've captured all of the characters so well.
20th Mar, 2005 03:18 (UTC)
I don't think he really thought out the repercussions from this, but he did transfer the blame and deflect Buffy well.
19th Mar, 2005 19:17 (UTC)
Shoes: the new weapon of choice for demon hunters everywhere!

*collapses in a fit of giggles over Spike's distraction technique*
20th Mar, 2005 03:20 (UTC)
While, I'm sure, Buffy was drooling over unique shoes, I was drooling over the possibilities of the pointy, titanium heels as a weapon. Mmm... titanium.
20th Mar, 2005 06:38 (UTC)
*grins* Wonderful descriptions of the stilettos and the creative uses of such footwear. Hee. Go Spike!
20th Mar, 2005 06:51 (UTC)
I went off in search of stiletto construction methods and found a wonderful snippet of trivia that changed the direction of the story. Research... so wonderfully distracting.
20th Mar, 2005 07:44 (UTC)
That was so cute. I can only imagine the look on Michelle's face from the shock. Spike's some very strange kind of genius. Great characterization.

Would you mind if I archived this on my website, '
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] http://www.behrbemine.com/oblivion/into>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

That was so cute. I can only imagine the look on Michelle's face from the shock. Spike's some very strange kind of genius. Great characterization.

Would you mind if I archived this on my website, '<a http://www.behrbemine.com/oblivion/Into Oblivion'> ?

- - Elise
20th Mar, 2005 07:45 (UTC)
Ugh. Stupid link. I hope you can find your way there, regardless.
20th Mar, 2005 08:24 (UTC)
I'm happy to hear you enjoyed this. Feel free to archive.

You lost a href on your link:
<a href="http://www.behrbemine.com/oblivion/">Into Oblivion</a>

LJ code is a strange animal and doesn't work on normal links.
21st Mar, 2005 01:21 (UTC)
"You could say I borrowed them for the screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

::conjures up mental image::


Owh, I love this! I love 'Spike's moment of clear and perfect insanity'
Great fic. Great, great great fic.

21st Mar, 2005 01:25 (UTC)
I'm thinking that Spike would look better in the heels than Buffy.

I don't think Spike really thought through the ramifications of his actions, but it was a spur of the moment thing and better the wrath of protective sister than that of insane shoe fetishist.

I'm pleased to hear you liked it.
21st Mar, 2005 01:28 (UTC)
Screaming as if her throat had been cut, Buffy threw herself across the room... is probably my favorite line. So descriptive and true to character, lol.

Spike's impulsive kiss as distraction was pretty funny too. This was just delightful to read and I really enjoyed it.
21st Mar, 2005 01:47 (UTC)
Happy you enjoyed it. Turned out longer than I expected and was fun to write.
21st Mar, 2005 03:13 (UTC)

So cute!!! Any story with Manolo Blahniks and Spike/Dawn kissage is right up my alley!!
21st Mar, 2005 03:22 (UTC)
Thanks. Pleased to have scratched your kink.
11th Sep, 2013 10:27 (UTC)
Nice distraction! What Spike wouldn't do for Dawn!

Well done :)
11th Sep, 2013 11:53 (UTC)
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