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DissimulationSpike and Dawn were seated on the far side of the exercise room at the back of the Magic Box. They were watching as Wolf tried to teach Oz how to transform into a wolf and not something that looked like a bad costume from a 50s B-movie. She was failing miserably and had resorted to banging her head against the wall in frustration.

Dawn frowned in concern, but as Spike had just snorted in amusement at the behaviour, she refrained from commenting.

Spike was glad he wasn't in Wolf's shoes, trying to erase the damage of a lifetime of indoctrination by movie, was not going to be an easy task.

"So, how did you meet Wolf?"

"At a club in New York back in the 70s, love."

Leaning against the wall, Spike scanned the crowd for a suitable meal. While not quite wall-to-wall, the place was packed with hot, sweaty people here to see the band performing on the club's tiny stage. Bouncing off each other, grooving to the wild punk beat, it was a killer atmosphere, but it didn't offer much to choose from in the way of a snack. Most people were here with friends. He'd need to cull someone from the crowd.

Spotting a woman standing apart from the others, Spike moved closer. She was a picture of tension, he assumed that she'd been dragged along and abandoned by her friends. As he approached her, he realised that his first impression wasn't quite right. The woman was into the music, dancing badly to a tune that didn't quite match the beat, she just wasn't a fan of crowds. Every time she was jostled, she would rabbit-punch the offender in the kidneys if they weren't quick enough to get out of her space.

Spike grinned. Alone, but with a bit of fight, was always fun. He tried to make himself heard over the band with little luck. The woman signalled they should go somewhere quieter, so Spike happily allowed himself to be led out through the club and into the alley at the rear.

As the heavy fire door slammed shut behind them, Spike pinned the woman to the wall kissing her savagely. She pulled him closer, returning his attentions with the same wild fury. Spike trailed kisses down her neck and as she arched against him, he bit deeply into her throat and drank.

The woman's body slumped back against the wall and slid down. Spike smiled and was wiping a trickle of blood from his mouth with the back of his hand when the woman struck. A fist full of claws ripped through the crotch of his jeans and enveloped his balls in an emasculating grip. The woman slowly got to a crouch, her free hand feeling her throat, the blood had ceased flowing and the wound was starting to close.

"Not a bright move, mate." Never taking her eyes from the vampire she measured him up. Her position at his feet anything by submissive. "Not planning on being anyone's dinner tonight."

Trying not to do anything that would startle the woman who was threatening to remove his family jewels, Spike tried for a little diplomacy. "Fancy a drink then, love."

Smiling broadly, the woman obviously found this to be an appropriate response. "Wouldn't say no to a pint. Know anywhere with decent beer?" She released her grip and stood upright. "I'm Wolf."

He wondered if that was a description or a name. "Spike. I know a good pub just up the road."

"So that's it? You got in a fight then went out and got drunk."

"Yeah. That's how some of the best friendships start out." He watched as Wolf returned to Oz and went through their exercise again.

"You're both very strange."

15minuteficletsword #41: submission
Part of the Wolf&Declán!verse
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