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SlideSpike leaned against the wall watching Dawn as she laughed at the antics of a pair of toddlers trying to get the hang of ice skating and failing miserably.

"Do you regret it?"

"Huh?" Dawn had missed the connection and giggled into her hand as the children's father ended up sitting on the ice when he tried to help one child balance. "Regret what?"

"Not having kids of your own."

Dawn laughed, but sobered quickly when she realised Spike wasn't joking. "Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but I think I'd kill them if I had to live with them. Besides..." She wrapped her arms around Spike's waist and looked up into his eyes. "If I wanted them we could have adopted or gone the IVF route or I could have gotten drunk and banged some guy in a bar."

"I'm serious."

Dawn smiled warmly. "I'm happy, Spike. I love my life. I like not sharing my toys." She took his hands in hers and brought his fingers to her lips. "Now what brought this on?"

Spike rested his forehead on the top of her head. "I saw you looking at the kids and thought of Buffy."

Snorting in derision, Dawn had to wonder what Spike was thinking if her thought Buffy was a good model to emulate. "I'm not Buffy. She has one thing in common with Angel. They both want the normal life. The mythical house with a picket fence, 2.4 children, a dog, the works. They will tear themselves apart pretending they can have that."

Dawn hated seeing her sister lie to herself and hated seeing Angel falling into the same delusion. She could almost map out the relationship falling apart, it was so easy to see from the outside, but both were blind to reality.

"We have an extraordinary life. Sure it's dangerous, but it's never dull and I wouldn't change it for the world."

Spike held her tightly. "So you're happy with us as we are?"

"I'm happy." Dawn kissed Spike on the nose. "Unless Billy Idol's in town and then I might sleep with him on general principal. Hey!" Spike swotted her on the arse.

"There will be no shagging of Billy Idol."

"Oh, come on. He's gorgeous, we'd have cute kids, you could give them ice skating lessons."

"No." Spike laughed.

"How about I just take photos?" Dawn wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Deal. But I will be selling them on eBay."

"You'd make a bigger profit selling the story to the tabloids."

"That's why I love you, always seeing the angles." They leaned on the barrier and watched the toddlers shakily skating past. Their father was all that was keeping them up, but they were having a blast. "You're forever surprising me. Don't ever change."

spikedawnchallenge #3: lies
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, spike
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