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ReclaimDeclán stretched until his joints creaked before folding himself into a seat beside Wolf, his long, leather-clad legs looking uncomfortable as he looked at the screen she was watching. "Any news on the lads?"

Wolf looked at her brother. There was only a passing similarity between them, if they didn't share the same eyes, most people wouldn't assume they were related. "The local boys in blue just picked them. I called them in when they started having a barney at the front door." She pocketed the Palm and folded the keyboard in a complicated manner reminiscent of Transformer toys. "What to wander over and collect our gear?"

She stood gracefully and headed across the park towards the house they'd had under surveillance. Declán fell into step beside her. Both dressed in black leather, they didn't look like the type of people to be taking advantage of a sunny day, but nobody even glanced in their direction.

Wolf crossed the street at a trot and walked up to the front door of the house, she ran a hand along the frame at the top of the door and removed one of her transmitters. "So, what did you learn about your new friend?" She removed a second transmitter from the window by the door and walked around the side of the building.

"He never stops talking." Declán closed the side gate behind him and gave Wolf a leg up as she retrieved another pair of transmitters. "I could only catch every other word, but his name is Samuel, he hasn't been in the country more than a few days, I'm positive he said he was staying in the house next door and for all his cheerfulness, I don't think he was too happy about that arrangement."

Wolf gave him a measured look. "He was quite the little chatterbox, wasn't he." She stepped up on an abandoned milk crate and stuck her head over the fence, when she got back down there was look of puzzlement on her face. "I've been over this place half a dozen times over the past couple of days and yet I never knew there was a kid next door." There were no toys in the yard, no children's clothes on the line, there had been no sight or smell of children while they'd been there.

"I can't recall seeing anything either. Do you think Samuel was lying?" They picked up more discrete surveillance equipment from the rear of the house.

"There's no reason. He thought you were a dog, it's not like you would tell anyone. Well, under normal circumstances, anyway." She grinned at her joke and sat on another salvaged milk crate, they seemed the garden furniture of choice for incompetent art thieves. Declán rescued another bright plastic furniture substitute and used it as a seat.

"Something about this smell off to you?"

"Like week old fish. Think I'll start asking some questions back at the office."

Declán stood at looked the house next door. It was shut up as tight as a drum. "I think I'll sniff around here first. See you back there later."

Packing the last of her gear into a pocket of her leathers, Wolf left her brother to his investigation.


15minuteficletsword #94: discombobulated
moonbeamsfanfic — challenge: declán and a child
Part of the Sangoma!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )
19th Feb, 2005 17:24 (UTC)
Oh, good, now they're on the case! Glad to hear. Is it strange that I was starting to get worried about the boy? Poor thing...
(Deleted comment)
19th Feb, 2005 19:52 (UTC)
Well, I know my Wolf -- even if I can't predict her, I know what she's capable of. So I know things are bound to get a lot worse for little Samuel... ;)

Besides, I'm the one who issued the original challenge. And there was a lot more to it than just "Declán and a child". But hey, we're all looking forward to it, aren't we? *eg*
20th Feb, 2005 03:29 (UTC)
He's safe for the moment. We'll see where the next challenges take the story.
20th Feb, 2005 03:28 (UTC)
So far Samuel is safe, but the undercurrents of something not being right are starting to appear. Could be nothing, could be something more.
20th Feb, 2005 06:12 (UTC)
It's good this, gives me an edgy feeling in my stomach (like everyone else by the sounds of it), when you know somethings happening and that even when you discover the truth it's not going to help, its just going to make things feel worse. Maybe. Possibly. Write faster!
20th Feb, 2005 06:57 (UTC)
This was a catch up on the past two ficlet challenges. Hopefully, I'll get the next installment out a little quicker.
22nd Feb, 2005 23:51 (UTC)
The plot thickens... if you're basing this on a story worse than parents pulling out their own kid's toenails with pliers, I'm really worried for Samuel!

Obligatory minor quibble: "He was the little chatterbox, wasn't he." Generally should be either a little chatterbox, or quite the, not just the.
23rd Feb, 2005 00:28 (UTC)
Thanks for the typo spotting.

The story dates from 2001, well the one I'm thinking of, their have been several, but nothing like this in London. It seems that being a newshead pays off when it comes to writing.

Now if only I can find a Windows clone of DevonThink to dump stuff like this into, I'll be a happy camper.
( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )