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CareenDeclán ran through the park, his tail held high like a flag and the wind ruffling his fur. The boy ran laughing at his heels.

They careened around the pond causing a mass exodus of ducks from the path to the comparative safety of the water, their wakes rippling across each other as they landed. A particularly large male Muscovy duck took exception and snapped at them as they passed.

From the water's edge, Declán leapt over a small hedge and disappeared into one of the many small groves of plants dotted throughout the park. The boy ran around the trees and shrubs, calling for Declán to come out. While he peered into the shubbery, Declán snuck behind him and yipped playfully, startling the child into delighted giggles and prompting another game of chase.

Weaving between pedestrians they took off along the bike path that looped around the open lawn area that had been commandeered by impromptu teams of footballers. Running beyond the players, Declán realised that he'd lost his shadow. He trotted back to find the boy staring longingly after a group of teenagers engaged in a spirited game.

There was no chance of the older lads including the boy in their game. Looking around, Declán spotted a group of younger kids kicking a ball around, he nudged the boy in their direction.

The children ignored the newcomers, but when Declán yipped and rolled on his back, wiggling his legs in the air, they lost interest in their game and decided to play with the big dog. They soon lost interest, by when they returned to their game, they had a new player joining in their game.

Declán watched the boys for a while. Satisfied his young shadow was enjoying himself, he turned and headed back to his spot beneath the oak where Wolf was still sitting. He hadn't expected it, but the boy had been quite good company.


15minuteficletsword #93: quest
moonbeamsfanfic — challenge: declán and a child
Part of the Sangoma!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: declán, fiction, original, samuel, sangoma
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