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OverpassThe wind picked up, blowing Dawn's hair across her face. She pulled it back, fumbled in the pocket of her jeans for a hair tie and secured it out of the way. "Will the wind affect trajectory?"

Spike looked up, lifting his face to a sudden gust. "Shouldn't be a problem. The weight of the ammunition and the relatively short drop should negate any wind interference. But to safe, you may want to be a little on the heavy handed side with the first round."

They had to lean close together for their whispers to be heard over the rustling of the trees, but when the wind dropped the acoustics of the bridge meant that the scuffling of rodents could be heard echoing up the face of the structure. Dawn leaned over the edge and checked her mark, lining herself up with a chipped stone balustrade. Satisfied with her preparations, she walked to the other side of the road, ducking below railing level so she couldn't be seen from the approaching road below.

She removed a pair of lightweight night vision binoculars from her jacket pocket and surveyed the road through the heavy balustrades. Spotting an approaching figure, she waiting long enough to confirm the target before returning, again taking care to remain out of line of sight.

"On his way," Dawn whispered, lips against Spike's ear.

Dawn retrieved her weapon and Spike waited by her side, balancing a large box on the inside edge of the railing to keep it hidden from the road. He mouthed the countdown they'd worked out earlier, nodding to Dawn to get ready as they heard the heavy crunch of boots through autumn leaves.

A heavy splat landed at Xander's feet, close enough to splash his boots. He looked around, not seeing anything, but when he looked up an avalanche of water balloons hit. Not all of them contained water. He yelled, getting a pus like liquid in his mouth that made him retch in reflex. It took him a moment to realise the pus was actually custard, but the delay was long enough for his attackers to have vanished.

As Xander stood on the bridge, dirt-streaked jeans from the scramble up the slope adding to his already food-encrusted visage, he wondered if Anya could come out of vengeance demon retirement for one last job.

spikedawnchallenge #2: waiting
Part of the Mischief!verse
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, mischief, spike, xander harris
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