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PokerDawn watched Spike as he wandered through the house. Checking the doors, the windows, making things safe. It would have taken half the time if he allowed her to help, but he always refused, claiming he worried she'd miss something. Didn't like that she was out of his sight, scared they might be seen.

She tolerated it now. It was easier than fighting him and the ritual calmed him, settling him down for the evening.

Finishing his rounds and satisfied that all the hatches were battened and they wouldn't be disturbed, Spike produced a deck of cards.

"Deal. Aces high."

open_on_sundaychallenge #46: doorways
Part of the Mischief!verse


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9th Feb, 2004 15:09 (UTC)
I love. Perfectly characterized. I can't write little things like this. I always want to fill everything in. I really enjoy reading your drabbles and fics, original or fandom. I read 'The Pavlov Experiment' and I was grinning all the way through. ^_^ Speaking of grinning insanely, I reposted #5. I dunno if it's 'polished', but I went through it.
10th Feb, 2004 01:59 (UTC)
Trimming them down to 100 words can be tough without losing your intent, but it's a good exercise.

Thanks for the feedback on The Pavlov Experiment, moonbeamsfanfic and leni_ba provided excellent encouragement.

Read through your report of chapter 5, very nice. I must get some of that polish, it does the job well.
9th Feb, 2004 17:47 (UTC)
Hi Redwolfoz!!! Leni recommended me to read your stories, and I have read some of them. I am a guy who likes the Spawn fics, and I like specially "The Great Creamed Corn Caper". This one is my favorite part: *If you ordered three bananas, a can of sardines and a 40W light bulb, a hefty man with a baseball bat would be dispatched to rearrange the kneecaps of your nominated victim.*....it is soooooooo funnyyyyy!!!!......... and this part: *"Have I mentioned how much I love smart women?" Dawn turned a fetching shade of red, she avoided looking at Spike as she helped gather her things together*.....it is so sweet....

Well, bye bye!!! :)
10th Feb, 2004 02:08 (UTC)
Welcome to LiveJournal and thanks for following leni_ba over here. Glad you enjoyed the Spawn.
( 4 howls — talk to the wolf )