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SurveilIt was a lazy Saturday morning, fine and clear and the locals were taking advantage of the clement weather by heading to the park. Dog walkers, duck feeders, impromptu football games and the noise of children released from the confines of houses and yards were but a sampling of those enjoying the sunshine.

Settled in the shade of a large oak, one of the denizens of the park was sitting on the ground with a palm plugged into a portable keyboard atop her legs. At her feet, a large dog lay curled in an arc, sunning his belly in the dappled light that filtered through the canopy of the tree.

The woman looked, for all intents and purposes like a student catching up on an assignment in a more pleasant than usual environment. She wasn't actually working on her thesis, she was whiling away the time playing Solitaire. Not that peculiar a task for a procrastinating student to be performing, aside from her occasional checking of another program that was monitoring the house across the road.

"Still no movement, Dec," she muttered to her dog, who had the good grace to snort in reply.

They'd been camped out under the tree for several hours, surveying the house currently occupied by three art thieves. They wouldn't be there at all if a snap industrial dispute had grounded their targets preferred method of transportation out of the country. But it had and Wolf had volunteered to pull the morning shift to get out of the office for the day.

She started a new game of solitaire and was quite absorbed in being beaten by the computer when she saw a small boy heading towards her.

The boy was young, painfully thin and possibly of African parentage. He asked her something and it took her a moment to decipher the patois of English, French and an African dialect she could narrow down to West Africa, but not understand.

She had managed to get the gist of the boy's request — he wanted to play with Declán — so she nodded and nudged the big dog with her foot. Declán flipped himself over and eyed the child with his best friendly dog smile. It seemed to work, as the child immediately attached himself to Declán's neck like a small, brown limpet mine.

Wolf nudged Declán again and he trotted off with the chattering boy running along side him.

Shaking her head as she watched the boy and dog engaged in a game of chase, Wolf went back to monitoring the house. It still showing no signs of movement, so she resumed her game. At least Declán got the chance to run about for a while, perhaps she'd get the easy ride next time around.


15minuteficletsword #92: strike
moonbeamsfanfic — challenge: declán and a child
Part of the Sangoma!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: declán, fiction, original, samuel, sangoma, wolf
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