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SettleAnya wants it all. A big house with a picket fence, many small children underfoot and a husband who loves her more with the passing of time.

She dreams of taking the Magic Box online and becoming a dot com millionaire. Anya understands how to sell and the internet would allow her to best use her business skills, while taking the browsers out of the equation and increasing her financial turnover.

Looking up from her cost calculations she sees Xander clowning around and realises that, whichever path she chooses, she will have to settle for less than her full potential.

open_on_sundaychallenge #97: cravings


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(Deleted comment)
30th Jan, 2005 16:13 (UTC)
She did deserve better than she got.
30th Jan, 2005 16:27 (UTC)
A bit sad and wistful, that... very nice!
30th Jan, 2005 16:36 (UTC)
Thanks. I wanted Anya to have gotten more than she did.
30th Jan, 2005 18:29 (UTC)
Oh, a lovely mood and tone.
30th Jan, 2005 18:36 (UTC)
30th Jan, 2005 18:30 (UTC)
The price you pay for a guy with a six pack and gorgeous lips...
30th Jan, 2005 18:37 (UTC)
He should have been kept in a box and only brought out to play with. Anya would have been much better off.
31st Jan, 2005 11:54 (UTC)
do you know, i'm hatching an evil plan to work in forensics, so i can take photos of millions of scalpels, and be surrounded by the photos, and use them as wallpaper andhugthemandlovethemandcallthemgeorge.

::sharpens claws::
31st Jan, 2005 14:00 (UTC)
You could just go and buy boxes of them. It's a toss up whether medical or arts suppliers will rip you off more on price, but a box of a hundred scalpel blades will keep you amused for years.

I recommend the number 23.
2nd Feb, 2005 20:48 (UTC)
Extra yummmmm.... first a job, then scalpel-mania!!
30th Jan, 2005 19:33 (UTC)

That's Anya for you -- whatever she does, she's going to give it her all. Even if it's Xander, and she may not get back nearly as much as she puts in.
30th Jan, 2005 19:51 (UTC)
That's one thing that always annoyed me, Anya could have done anything, but Xander always shot her down.
4th Feb, 2005 03:59 (UTC)
I wish I knew what Anya got. I don't think I ever watched that part, though Xander didn't seem like that great of a match for her. I only remember seeing her trail after him with big puppy eyes, which sucked because she could have been so cool. A vengeance demon, wasn't she?
4th Feb, 2005 04:56 (UTC)
Anya got killed off in the finale, I was not impressed.

She was a vengeance demon, but lost her powers when Giles smashed her power centre and got trapped in the body of a teenager. There was the hideous Xander period in her life where he treated her like crap, dumped her at the altar and she was reinstated as a vengeance demon. Then season seven was where all writers with a clue left the show and Anya floundered.

Stupid writers.
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