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InterpretationDawn stared at the text and turned back to her notes, it still didn't make sense. Well it did, sort of, but the two contenders she was working with were diametrically opposed in meaning.

She'd been working on this partcular document for weeks and had the basic gist of it, she knew it wasn't perfect, no better than a machine translation could provide in parts, but the essence of the text was there.

The problem was that Grettykol was a very nuance rich language that relied on tone to covey meaning and, as she couldn't pronounce the language and the Grettykol didn't deign to use distinct accents in their written script, she was left clutching at straws for some of the more esoteric passages.

"Penny for your thoughts." Spike interrupted her deliberation of a tricky compound character.

"Do Grettykol demons have a sense of humour?" She tapped the end of the pencil against her teeth.

Spike took a seat beside her and looked over the scroll. "They find killing small children amusing, but I don't think they're known for their great comic repertoire. Why?"

Dawn made another notation, crossing out her first guess and appending the second. "It seems that the hero of the story is either raining down fire and damnation on his enemies or entertaining a guest by slinging flaming jesters at them. I don't know enough about the species to even hazard a guess at their qualities as hosts, so the second may well be correct, as silly as it sounds."

Reading over the notes Dawn had made, Spike could see her problem. "Nasty. Although if I had the choice I think I'd opt for death by volcano over the clowns."

Smiling at the weirdness of the translation. Dawn had to agree, nobody deserved a clown.

15minuteficletsword #91: translation
Part of the London!verse


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(Deleted comment)
25th Jan, 2005 20:37 (UTC)
Flinging them out of a trebuchet would be amusing. What pretty pictures they would make as they hit the wall.
26th Jan, 2005 02:49 (UTC)
*grins* I like the flaming jesters idea. Splat!
26th Jan, 2005 04:02 (UTC)
If clowns are involved there should be a nice solid splat accompanying them.
26th Jan, 2005 06:26 (UTC)
lol, i love the snarkiness of your spike/dawn ficlets!
26th Jan, 2005 12:51 (UTC)
Happy you enjoy them and don't get me started on the wrongness or the word snark.
26th Jan, 2005 15:57 (UTC)
::proceeds to absolutely not get Wolf started::
26th Jan, 2005 06:58 (UTC)

Dawn's so right! No one deserves a clown! *shudders* Cute ficlet!
26th Jan, 2005 12:52 (UTC)
Not even if you flambéed one and flung it against an immovable object?
26th Jan, 2005 08:06 (UTC)
Funny. I always like seeing Dawn and Spike interact. They almost have a big brother/little sister vibe going, but there's always an undertone to it...
26th Jan, 2005 12:54 (UTC)
I like the undertone of things and manage to get a lot of drabbles in a grey area where intent is determined by the reader's preferences.
26th Jan, 2005 08:30 (UTC)
*snicker* Isn't translation fun?

(Last sentence is a run-on, btw.)
26th Jan, 2005 12:57 (UTC)
Fixed the sentence. Thanks.
(Deleted comment)
26th Jan, 2005 12:58 (UTC)
Flaming clowns? But do they deserve a mime?
28th Jan, 2005 05:58 (UTC)
lol. Typical evil demons, leaving ambiguous documents behind. Heh. Really cool one, I see you're having a lot of fun with this 'verse. *G*

28th Jan, 2005 14:22 (UTC)
It probably makes perfect sense if you're the demon in question.
13th Jul, 2005 02:57 (UTC)
I've never understood clownhate, but I'm not one to judge. :)
13th Jul, 2005 03:09 (UTC)
It's the fake smiles. Perhaps I could send you a mime instead.
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