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TormentThe mobile rang, a hideous noise that sounded like a frog being chewed up and spat out by a trail bike. Spike lunged across the desk to grab the phone, but Dawn beat him to it, answering in a professional manner.

She smiled at Spike as she took the call, but seeing his face thought that stepping outside might be for the best while handling the client.

Spike scowled at the closed door. "What kind of ringtone is that for a business phone?" He'd been trying to stop the noise for a week. First by trying to manually change the ring, but attempts to get Dawn to part with the phone had so far failed and he was starting to contemplate more destructive means of noise suppression. A sledge-hammer should do the job nicely, or a chainsaw, possibly just the repeated application of brick.

Rachel looked up from her computer. "She'll get sick of it and change it in a week if you ignore it."

He knew this, but every time the phone rang, it was like someone was drilling holes in his skull.

"Can't I just send a new one through to her phone?" Rachel looked at him like he was being stupid.

Dawn would still have to accept the new tone, which she wouldn't, and the game would move onto a whole new level. Nobody needed an escalating toxic ringtone battle.

Slumping back into his chair, Spike dropping his face into his hands and sighed. When he looked up it was with an expression of resignation. "I'm going to have to ride it out aren't I?"

"Yep. Serves you right for starting to whole thing off with the horror of Kylie Minogue." Rachel opened a drawer and tossed a small packet over to Spike. "Industrial ear plugs should help for now. Try not to do it again."

15minuteficletsword #90: anguish
Part of the London!verse
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, london, rachel evans, spike
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