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FletchStanding on the roof of the building, the toes of her boots over the edge, Faith looked out on the surrounding Sunnydale streets. She was only a couple of storeys up, but it offered a clear view of the main street where all the action took place, if you didn't count the cemeteries. Sunnydale could never be mistaken for LA.

A bow was held in a relaxed grip at her side, waiting until she spotted trouble.

Faith liked hunting with a bow. It had the power that a crossbow lacked and was much quicker to reload. Buffy may have liked the scare factor of a crossbow, but it was like a handgun, only good for close up work. A good compound bow, on the other hand, was more the equivalent of a rifle, but quieter and more efficient.

She'd spent all day in the library making arrows, much to Wesley's disgust. He was pleased that she took an interest in her weapons, but less than impressed that she'd spread fletching jigs, glue, acetone, cleaning rags and a veritable mountain of brightly coloured nocks, feathers and fletches across the reading table.

Faith knew that Wesley would be even more pissed when he found out that she'd charged all of the equipment to him. She figured it was his own fault for confining her to restricted duties while the gash to her thigh healed and a girl did need supplies if she was going to do the job properly.

Faith enjoyed the task of making arrows. It was repetitive, but it was also soothing. She liked removing arrows from the jigs and spinning them in the palm of her hand. It was a method used to check the straightness of arrows after they'd been used, but it was fun watching the fletches blur as they spun.

Spotting movement in an alley visible from the North side of the building, she selected an arrow from the hunting quiver attached to the side of her bow and nocked the arrow. Drawing back until the string touched the tip of her nose, Faith took the elevation difference and slight breeze into consideration, sighted and relaxed her fingers on the string.

The arrow flew straight and true, the vampire having just enough time to look in confusion at the object that had blossomed in his chest before exploding into dust.

With only a slight limp in her step, Faith paced the edge of the building again, looking for more creatures of the night. She smiled to herself at a job well done.

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16th Jan, 2005 20:36 (UTC)
A wonderful glimpse of Faith.
16th Jan, 2005 20:49 (UTC)
Thanks! Had a bugger of a time trying to get my head around this challenge, the next challenge ain't looking so great either. ::sigh::
(Deleted comment)
16th Jan, 2005 20:50 (UTC)
Those fletching jigs don't come cheap either. I wonder if Wes is a little young for credit card induced heart failure.
(Deleted comment)
16th Jan, 2005 21:17 (UTC)
::wafts smelling salts::

Woot! Two kinks in one hint. I'm thrilled you enjoyed this. And as for the archery, go give it a shot. Alas it will shatter your allusions about archers being sexy, most are built like professional darts players. Still, there is Errol Flynn to drool over.
16th Jan, 2005 22:09 (UTC)
Reaffirms my wish to someday learn archery.

And you just had to mention Errol Flynn. As far as old movie actors go, yum...I'd have probably swooned over him if I'd been around when he was alive.
16th Jan, 2005 22:14 (UTC)
Errol Flynn is sex. Now I'll have to dig up a copy of Robin Hood and the After Dinner Mints. Come on, have you seen their outfits, don't tell me you were distracted by the tights either.
16th Jan, 2005 23:34 (UTC)
That was a great characterization of Faith. I also loved the descriptive parts about the arrows and bows.
17th Jan, 2005 00:31 (UTC)
Thanks, happy to hear you enjoyed it.
17th Jan, 2005 07:21 (UTC)
Gorgeous Faith. And now I know a whole lot more about fletching than I did before; always useful.
17th Jan, 2005 13:52 (UTC)
Experience as an archer had to be handy some time. I wanted to get in a dig about Buffy refusing to believe that the brightly coloured feathers were real feathers, but ran out of time. They come from turkeys. Funny thing was that customs never thought they were real either.
17th Jan, 2005 11:38 (UTC)
The portrayal of Faith as a hunter is interesting, as is the way she wraps herself into her slaying to the point of making arrows herself. I like that she's still comparing herself and her choice of weapons to Buffy, though for once she isn't feeling inadequate -- probably because she has tangible proof that her choice is a good once, since she's out fighting injured while Buffy wouldn't be able to do the same thing with her crossbow. :-)
17th Jan, 2005 13:56 (UTC)
Nice insight, you make me sound so smart. I think I shall keep you around to make me look good.

Making your own arrows isn't difficult, but it is necessary if you're going to use them once. Certainly beats waiting for the spotty teenager at the sporting goods store to make them up and they're made properly too.
18th Jan, 2005 09:17 (UTC)
wow, nice look at Faith!
18th Jan, 2005 13:54 (UTC)
Many thanks.
25th Jan, 2005 20:34 (UTC)
This was great. I love this depection of Faith. Do you mind if I friend you?
25th Jan, 2005 21:15 (UTC)
Happy you enjoyed this. And feel free to friend.
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