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ForageSpike was in the process of methodically tearing the room apart. Dawn leaned against the doorframe watching his antics in bemusement.

"I've lost it."

"What? A bet? The remote control? Breakfast? Your virginity?"

Spike glared up from where he had been groping under the couch. Several notebooks and a coffee cup had been lurking under there, but not the missing item.

Dawn tried again. "If I don't know what you're looking for I can't help."

"My lighter."

Dawn fished Spike's Zippo out her pocket. "See what asking gets you." Grinning, she ran for the stairs, Spike hot on her heels.

tv100challenge: notebook, zippo lighter, coffee cup
open_on_sundaychallenge #94: lost
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, spike
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