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PartingSpike and Dawn remained in the basement sharpening their swords in an effort to avoid the insanity upstairs and steal a little time for themselves.

A shout from above called everyone to get ready to leave. Dawn looked at Spike, she was excited and terrified in equal parts. Throwing caution to the wind, she threw her arms around Spike and kissed him soundly. "Try not to get yourself killed, Spike."

"Don't you take any chances either, love." He hugged her hard once before they hefted their weapons. "And if you happen to taser Xander again, take a photo for me."

Sandra Strait — spike/dawn moment just before the big battle


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(Deleted comment)
3rd Jan, 2005 02:21 (UTC)
Thanks. It did seem something of an oversight.
2nd Jan, 2005 17:32 (UTC)
I can so see that happening. I *adore* your Spike/Dawn interaction, as always. They have this genuine camaraderie that just shines in your hands.
3rd Jan, 2005 02:27 (UTC)
Thank you. I adore getting your feedback, makes all warm and fuzzy.
2nd Jan, 2005 18:22 (UTC)
"And if you happen to taser Xander again, take a photo for me."

Yes, typical Spike! He'd have to inject humour into the grimmest situation - and of course Xander-bating! lol

Um, so in this version is Spike going to have to die again? Only I get upset. *sniff*
3rd Jan, 2005 02:33 (UTC)
How about I kill Buffy off this time, permanently.
3rd Jan, 2005 02:50 (UTC)
"Oh yes please! I should like that game much better." :D

3rd Jan, 2005 20:35 (UTC)
Awww. :-)
16th Jan, 2005 15:30 (UTC)
Thank you
( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )