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HandicraftSusan sat back in her chair with a satisfied smile. All of her gifts were wrapped, packaged and ready for shipping in the morning.

She'd put months of work into creating her gifts, lovingly handcrafting dolls in the image of the recipient. She had selected action figures and dolls that came close in resemblance and set to work modifying them. Dyeing their hair, changing their eyes, making sure the clothing and accessories were just right.

It had taken ages to get the arms on Charlie's doll perfect and the knots for Nancy's neck piece were a worry until she'd borrowed a book on basic seamanship from the library. Richard's boots required some creative thinking. But the jewellery she added to Clara's doll was her favourite finishing touch.

Scooping the packages up, Susan put them in a box by the door and turned back to the table to clean up. She rewound the wire, put away the glue, scissors and knives, gathered up the scraps of fabric and carefully swept the remains of razor wire into the bin.

When her gifts were opened, she had to wonder if they would be appreciated in the way she had intended, as a promise still to be kept.

15minuteficletsword #86: giving


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28th Dec, 2004 13:22 (UTC)
Ooh, short but creepy. ^_^
28th Dec, 2004 22:31 (UTC)
I had the urge for creepy.
(Deleted comment)
28th Dec, 2004 22:31 (UTC)
Yes, but she's working them out. Well, actually she's killing them off.
28th Dec, 2004 19:04 (UTC)
Razor wire? Promises? Oh dear...

I like how subtly the creepiness is introduced.
28th Dec, 2004 22:32 (UTC)
Thanks. I was aiming for subtle creepiness rather than something more overt.
28th Dec, 2004 20:39 (UTC)
I...don't wanna know.
28th Dec, 2004 22:33 (UTC)
You probably don't want to be receiving a gift from Susan then.
29th Dec, 2004 00:55 (UTC)
*reads your reply to murielle's comment* Uh...I think I'll pass.
29th Dec, 2004 00:22 (UTC)
Susan's dolls are very interesting. Do they involve a little of some other craft? What is the implied promise?

Don't you just love it when a fic creates as many questions as it does answers?

::cheering you::
29th Dec, 2004 00:24 (UTC)
Susan's dolls look exactly like the intended recipient with little extras like missing limbs, nooses and disembowellings, that would be the promises she has yet to keep.
29th Dec, 2004 08:09 (UTC)
That was short, but wonderful. Susan is just so... methodical about creating her gifts. I can't help but wonder what she's up to.
29th Dec, 2004 11:50 (UTC)
She's sending dolls mutilated in the same manner she intends of using to dispatch the recipient.
( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )