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ScourDawn and Andrew had spent the evening plotting increasingly violent methods of murdering Buffy. Hours of scrubbing the floors with industrial cleaners had done little to endear the Slayer to either of them.

"Who brings a Drethh demon into the house?" Dawn pulled off neon pink rubber gloves and headed outside for fresh air.

Andrew was still wearing a welding apron. "I can't get the brains out of the rug."

"I thought that was bile."

Spike looked up from his seat on the step. "It's not bile."

Andrew turned very pale. "I vote we just burn the house down instead."

open_on_sundaychallenge #90: liquids


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(Deleted comment)
13th Dec, 2004 03:39 (UTC)
I think they should have left the mess for Buffy to clean up. Or moved the larger demon remains to her bed.
13th Dec, 2004 14:48 (UTC)
Hazards of the job... and it would be just like Buffy to bring the slaying indoors, wouldn't it?
13th Dec, 2004 21:57 (UTC)
She never was one for understanding the concept of cause and effect.
16th Dec, 2004 12:49 (UTC)
hooray! ::snuggles into wolfs den::

I be returned. i checked memories on Rome!Verse, and have read up to Serendipity. Is that as far as we have got, or did that verse move into another?

Oh, and damn right Buffy should clean up her own mess, or at least get Spike helping... then he can bend down some, and his shirt might accidentally slip off what with all the soap around... >:P Grruff!
16th Dec, 2004 21:52 (UTC)
The Rome!verse ended on Serendipity, it will probably pick up at a later time for the Not Fade Away ficathon.

You are incorrigible when it comes to getting vampires naked.
16th Dec, 2004 22:07 (UTC)
hell yeah. i got me some priorities.
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )