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ArchetypeDrew stepped out of her makeshift darkroom, a bundle of photos in her hand. She sat at the dining table and spread the photographs out, shuffling them into chronological order.

She ran a fingertip over the images, following the contour of a shoulder, an eyebrow, a hip. She loved the way his hair fell over his eyes in the third picture, it was just the way she wanted to remember Pete, with his dark hair and darker eyes.

It would have been perfect if she could have had the sound to go with the images. She'd tried video once, but it wasn't her medium. She found it too jerky and the footage she shot always looked cold, clinical and tawdry, it never showed the love she put into her work. And it was that love that saw her photographs exhibited all over the world.

Simple images capturing disembodied elements. Photos that showed a human being in all their component parts in such a way that they were mistaken for fruit and plants, trees and landscapes. She worked in black and white to aid to the illusion.

There was only one drawback to her work and that was finding models that she could strike up a rapport with. Pete had been the best so far. It was a shame they could never work together again.

Drew scratched her head and was not surprised to see dried blood under her fingernails. Pete had been a feisty model, she had to give him that.

She smiled as she picked up the last photo, it was the only full body shot in the series. Pete lay on a dark rug, curled in a foetal position, he looked so sweet.

Taking the photograph across to the kitchen, Drew kissed it once before she set fire to it in the sink. Pete may have been sweet, but it would take ages to completely wash his blood out of her hair. Such was the way with her models.

Looking out the window and saw the lawn man at work in her neighbour's yard. Long strong limbs, good build, perhaps she should get his number. You never knew when a good model would come in handy.

15minuteficletsword #84: freeze
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