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PaxFaith stood on the building's edge, the wind blowing her hair around her face.

Life had always moved at a jerky pace for her. Bright moments filled with the rush of blood and adrenaline, followed by boredom that flowed like cold treacle.

It had always been that way. When she was a child, a runaway teen, when she was first chosen; it was always as if someone was screwing with the speed of her life.

Now, as she looked across the city she protected, she felt she was finally in control of her life. Faith was at peace with herself.

open_on_sundaychallenge #89: time


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5th Dec, 2004 22:10 (UTC)
Oddly enough, Faith is one of the few Joss characters that I like.
5th Dec, 2004 22:14 (UTC)
I can only tolerate Buffy for short periods of time before wanting to slap the whiny bitch silly. Faith was a far better character.
6th Dec, 2004 01:01 (UTC)
~~before wanting to slap the whiny bitch silly.~~

Sounds very like what my friend, toast_girl, said to me a few days ago when we were talking about Buffy-stuff. I seem to remember pointy sticks coming into the picture...

Very nice; I liked (as usual). :)
6th Dec, 2004 01:20 (UTC)
The concept of Buffy was that she should look like the girl who gets killed in the horror movies, but be able to take on the bad guys. Problem was that the character stagnated into a whiny, self-obsessed brat who lost the sympathy of the audience.
6th Dec, 2004 01:38 (UTC)
Hmm. Some heroine.
(Deleted comment)
5th Dec, 2004 23:54 (UTC)
Thanks. I find it easier to get into Faith's head than Buffy's.
6th Dec, 2004 00:36 (UTC)
Yay! You wrote Faith!! That was lovely!
6th Dec, 2004 00:44 (UTC)
Faith called to me this morning. And you should never ignore the call of Faith.
7th Dec, 2004 10:53 (UTC)
Wonderful look at a mature Faith. :)

Btw, hope you don't mind me friending you.
7th Dec, 2004 11:07 (UTC)
Thanks! Friending is always welcome, as is commentting.
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