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HemisphericalDawn looked up, she heard the high-pitched squeaks of the flying foxes as they flew overhead. "Not to be rude, Spike, but what are we doing here?" They were walking through Melbourne's Royal Botanical Gardens, which seemed an odd place for an evening stroll.

Dawn saw the corner of Spike's mouth quirk in amusement. He had a surprise and he was enjoying keeping her in the dark. He'd been torturing her all day, refusing to give her any clues about where they were going.

"What would we normally be doing on Christmas Eve if we weren't swanning about on the other side of the planet?"

It certainly wouldn't be taking an evening stroll on a balmy Summer's evening. It was more likely that they'd be tucked up on the couch under a blanket watching one of the usual movies of the season; Miracle on 34th Street if she had her way, Blackadder's Christmas Carol if Spike had any say in the matter. After much good-natured bantering and threats of blackmail, it was likely that both their choices would be watched.

"Well, we wouldn't be getting held up by weird native wildlife." As they'd entered the parks, a large brush-tailed possum had scampered out onto the path in front of them. Dawn had thought it adorable, until the marsupial had stood on its hind legs and demanded they part with food.

The little monster had even tried to block them from getting past. Dawn was just happy it was alone and didn't work in team. If that was the case, she thought they might have been tied up in the bushes, with serious notes sent off to their loved ones threatening payment in bread products or body parts would start turning up in the mail.

"You remember saying that you'd always wanted to see a movie at the drive-in?"

Dawn stopped and stared at Spike. "Yes..." she strung the word out. "But we're in a garden and on foot."

Spike took Dawn's hand, not saying a word as they walked into a great area of open lawn filled with people. Dawn didn't understand why they were all there until she noticed the screen.

"Cinema under the stars, love." He grinned at her look of amazement. The one good thing about being stuck in his hotel room had been finding out about the event from the local paper. He'd also learned way too much about local sports and politics for his liking, but seeing Dawn's face light up was worth it.

As they settled it for the movie Spike opened his backpack. "I brought a little taste of home." He handed her a thermos full of hot chocolate, a bag full of marshmallows and the world's ugliest snow globe. If you shook it the right way a kangaroo skied down the Sydney Opera House and collided with Uluru. It appeared to have been designed by somebody with no sense of geography, perspective, scale or taste and the background foliage appeared to indicate a broccoli fetish. Dawn was delighted.

"So, what's playing?" She shook the snow globe again, making the kangaroo ski backwards.

"Couldn't find a screen of It's a Wonderful Life on short notice, but it is a Christmas classic."

The opening credits started to roll and Dawn chuckled. It was Spike's other favourite Christmas movie; The Life of Brian. Christmas in the Southern hemisphere definitely had its charms.

leni_ba's Xmas Project for bashipforever — dawn/spike, christmas some place warm, snow, it's a wonderful life, spike drinking hot chocolate
Part of the Melbourne!verse


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5th Dec, 2004 15:47 (UTC)

I adore this! Classic Spike/Dawn! So cute!
5th Dec, 2004 21:15 (UTC)
Thanks, it was fun.
(Deleted comment)
5th Dec, 2004 21:15 (UTC)
Thank you!
5th Dec, 2004 16:07 (UTC)
Love it! As always, great Spike/Dawn friendship - and excellent use of the request items.
5th Dec, 2004 21:19 (UTC)
Consider this a followup to yours, it seemed silly to pack them off to Bora Bora when they were already somewhere warm at Christmas.

I was wondering how to work the movie in when I remembered Moonlight Cinema, a large screen is set up in an open area and you sit around on the grass watching it under the stars. The Life of Brian really is the Christmas Eve movie this yet.
5th Dec, 2004 21:37 (UTC)
One quibble: you talk about "all three" movies near the beginning of the fic, yet you don't mention the third until the very end. A wee bit awkward, that.

Otherwise, very good! (Does the snow-globe really exist?)
5th Dec, 2004 21:50 (UTC)
Bugger! Thanks for spotting the editing artefact.

Does the snow-globe really exist?

I hope not, but I've seen some really tacky tourist items and wouldn't be surprised if it did.
5th Dec, 2004 22:42 (UTC)
Spike and Blackadder - Perfect! :)

Nicely done, and it's always interesting to but Buffyverse characters over here!
5th Dec, 2004 23:03 (UTC)
I've been pondering it for a while, but nothing seemed viable until now. The commute is a bitch.

It's just not Xmas with Blackadder.
(Deleted comment)
6th Dec, 2004 01:55 (UTC)
So happy you enjoyed it.
6th Dec, 2004 01:18 (UTC)
6th Dec, 2004 01:56 (UTC)
7th Dec, 2004 18:23 (UTC)
It appeared to have been designed by somebody with no sense of geography, perspective, scale or taste and the background foliage appeared to indicate a broccoli fetish. Dawn was delighted.

Haha i loved that line. First Broccilo fetish and then Dawn being delighted. It had everything.

Great fic! I love it. :)
7th Dec, 2004 21:46 (UTC)
You can't go wrong slipping a broccoli fetish into a story.
22nd Dec, 2004 04:16 (UTC)
Aw, now that was so cute! I love the episode with the animal, heh, wildlife holding them hostage. Funny thought, very Dawn.

I'm almost afraid to ask if the snowglobe is real. lol
22nd Dec, 2004 10:39 (UTC)
Brush Tail Possums do that, I've seen them holding bemused Japanese tourists hostage. They're about the size of a large cat and stand on their hind legs demanding food.

I'm hoping the snowglobe isn't real, but I've seen some that come close.
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