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Partners in Crime

Partners in CrimeThey were as thick as thieves, always watching each other's back. But then, that's what friends did.

Buffy, and by association the rest of the Scoobies, found the relationship disturbing. But Joyce had seen it for what it was, and was grateful for the distraction they provided each other from the monsters that were drawn to the Hellmouth.

The motorcycle sped away into the night, the apartment receding from view. There'd be hell to pay when Xander discovered his bathtub full of creamed corn, but by that time Spike and Dawn would be long gone and the picture of innocence.

open_on_sundaychallenge #45: birthday word of the day: cohort
Part of the Mischief!verse


( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )
2nd Feb, 2004 05:11 (UTC)
Lol. Oh my God. This was perfect. Cream corn... hee.
2nd Feb, 2004 05:34 (UTC)
Thanks. Glad to keep you amused.
2nd Feb, 2004 05:37 (UTC)
Well shit! ::snerk:: There's a whole story in that just waiting to be written. Good one!
2nd Feb, 2004 06:21 (UTC)
Thanks. Taking it any further depends on me pulling my finger out. I wouldn't hold your breath.
2nd Feb, 2004 06:52 (UTC)
I loved it :) Made me do an evil grin thinking of Spike and Dawn riding away on a motorcycle.
2nd Feb, 2004 07:15 (UTC)
So pleased to be giving you evil thoughts. My work is done.
2nd Feb, 2004 11:53 (UTC)
Ohhh, you *are* devious indeed - and I love it! Still giggling over the bathtub full of creamed corn, and to ride off in a blaze of michievous glory - what could be better? :-D
2nd Feb, 2004 12:40 (UTC)
I scored several good words, but I couldn't go past cohort, it just screamed Spike and Dawn and naughty fun away from Scooby eyes. Glad you liked it.
( 8 howls — talk to the wolf )