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Too Much Information

Too Much InformationXander watched as Spike returned from the bar with a large bowl of spicy nibblies and a toxic green mocktail.

"Why do you eat?"

Spike shrugged. "Taste, texture. I enjoy it," he said around a mouthful of chilli chicken.

"But you don't have a functioning digestive system."

"Life isn't about doing what's best for you, Harris. Enjoy the little things while you can."

Dawn was still trying to figure out which plastic decoration was the straw. "That's why he chews things up really well. Food comes out, much the same as it went it."

Xander's colour almost matched Dawn's drink.

open_on_sundaychallenge #88: food


29th Nov, 2004 22:23 (UTC)
Oh dear...

*Liz valiantly attempts not to laugh at Xander, since she knows she'd be matching his color were she in that situation... and fails*
29th Nov, 2004 22:32 (UTC)
You'd think Xander would have a stronger stomach than that. Seems there's a difference between killing vampires and learning how their digestive system works.