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IntruderShelley slept through to the early hours of the morning, waking as the sky started to lighten. She stretched and sat up, pulling her pack towards her and grabbing a muesli bar.

A movement through the vent caught her eye and she stopped what she was doing to see what was outside her room. Nothing seemed to be moving, at least in her field of vision.

It looked like a couple of homeless men had camped out near the door while she was asleep. Not that she was surprised by their presence, the warehouse was warm and dry. One of the men stood up and gave the man who was still lying on the floor a vicious kick to the chest. Shelley gasped in shock. Maybe it was a fight or a robbery, it didn't look like the guy on the ground was moving.

The attacker turned and left without looking back. Shelley didn't move until the clattering of his boots on the stairs faded away, then she pushed her way out of her sleeping bag, hastily repacked her gear and climbed down from her perch atop the shelves.

Sneakered feet quiet on the concrete floor, she crept past the man on the ground. She was almost to the door when she heard her name. The man called again.

"Mr Branson?" Shelley whispered, she wasn't taking any chances in case the other man was still around, sound carried well in the empty warehouse. Mr Branson used to work with her grandfather, they weren't what you'd call friends, but she knew him to say hello to. He was a nice man, always friendly, but after a drunk driver killed his wife and daughter, he couldn't cope any more.

"Are you okay, My Branson?" She helped him to sit up, he winced as she did so and Shelley thought he might have a broken rib. "You need to see a doctor, Mr Branson. Do you think you can stand up?"

Mr Branson grunted and forced himself to his feet with a great deal of effort. Shelley put his arm over her shoulder and helped to support him. "You're a good girl, Rachel." That's why she had always like Mr Branson, he got her name right.

"Let's get you out of here." They slowly made their way to the door, Shelley keeping Mr Branson upright and moving as fast they could manage. The stairs were trickier, but with the handrail on one side and Shelley on the other, they made it all the way down without mishap.

As Shelley reached for the door, a hand grabbed her shoulder and wrenched her around. She lost her grip on Mr Branson and he toppled over, landing with a small cry of pain.

"You've got yourself a little girlfriend, old man. Shouldn't be holding out on me." Mr Branson's attacker stood over her, taller from this angle, his lank brown hair escaping from beneath a bright green woollen hat. "Let's play little girl."

Shelley backed up against the door and stared up at the man.

15minuteficletsword #82: consumed
Part of the Abandoned!verse


( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )
28th Nov, 2004 15:25 (UTC)
Oh, eek! You've got me fascinated here. As the cut says, please, may I have some more?
28th Nov, 2004 21:33 (UTC)
As I've finally caught up to the current 15minuteficlet challenges, this one should be wrapped up in this week's or next week's, depending on what the challenge is.
28th Nov, 2004 22:38 (UTC)
*gulps* Very suspenseful. Nothin' like leaving off at a tense moment to keep the interest high.
28th Nov, 2004 22:44 (UTC)
I needed to wrap this part for the time limit and at least gives an element of suspense.

Now that I have your attention, perhaps I could turn the story into a musical or a pantomime. Or better yet, an all mime performance. That would just be cruel.
28th Nov, 2004 22:54 (UTC)
That would be friggin' weird! Nice way to get everyone to stare and go, "WTF?!"
( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )