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InterruptionA quick patrol of the building ensured Shelley that she was still the sole occupant, although with the sun setting soon, she didn't think that would be the case for long.

She decided on bedding down in a storeroom on the top floor. It was close to the stairs, had plenty of light from the window and, best of all, was yet to discovered by the hordes of pigeons that had infested the building in the years it had been abandoned.

Most of the interior was still structurally sound, but broken windows had allowed much of the building to be taken over by bird life. Mostly pigeons, but she'd seen signs of swallows and there may have been an owl in the lift motor room.

The other reason she'd chosen the storeroom was that this section of the warehouse had once belonged to a garment manufacturer and the shelving was still in situ. Great wide shelves, easily able to accommodate the lengths of fabric rolls, were more than up to the task of providing a secure sleeping place for a small girl.

She got her sleeping bag arranged and was rummaging in her pack for an apple when she heard a noise. She froze, head cocked in the direction of the sound.

As it got closer, Shelley realised clanging was footsteps on the metal stairs. Two pairs of footsteps, accompanied by urgings and giggles. The giggle had a high-pitched annoying note she was more than familiar with; it belonged to an older girl who was in high school. Billy was in love with her, but Shelley thought the girl was an idiot.

Shelley's opinion of Franny, the giggler, dropped even further when the girl and her companion came into view. From her perch atop the fabric racks, Shelley had a clear view of the adjoining room through an air vent, she was reasonably safe from discovery as long as she kept quiet.

Not that the pair next door were likely notice anything short of an explosion, they hadn't looked at anything but each other since they'd entered the room.

The boy, Tom, was on the football team. He was a bully and creep and most of the younger kids hated his guts, thanks to his program of instilling terror into them at any given opportunity.

Shelley always thought of him as a football hooligan. She'd gotten the expression from her grandfather, who was actually referring to fans of another code of football, but it was accurate enough description of Tom.

Rolling on her bad and staring at the flaking ceiling as the grunting began in the next room, Shelley wondered if she'd have to listen to the biology lesson for the rest of the night. She was quite surprised when the noise stopped and teenagers headed for the stairs.

It seemed that Tom wasn't up to scratch on the much-vaunted prowess of Franny's usual string of boyfriends; or Franny lied through her teeth and sex was measured in minutes instead of hours. Shelley shrugged to herself, she didn't much care either way, she was just happy to be left alone. Snuggling into her sleeping bag, she settled in for the night.

15minuteficletsword #81: complete
Part of the Abandoned!verse
Tags: abandoned, fiction, original, rachel evans

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