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ReflectionShelley sat on the edge of the roof, legs dangling over the side, heels kicking at the brickwork. If she leaned forward the wind howling up the front of building was deafening, it was deep and strangely musical, almost like a funeral dirge.

From her vantagepoint she could see straight up the street for blocks, Billy and Jesse were still visible in the distance. By the way the playful jostling had changed, Shelley guessed the game had deteriorated into calling each other names. It was name calling that had brought them together.

Shelley, whose real name was Rachel and not Michelle as everyone mistakenly assumed, had fallen in with Billy and Jesse on their first day of school.

Billy had been unfortunate enough to get lumbered with Wilbur after his mother's affection for Charlotte's Web. Apparently the ramifications of naming her child after a pig didn't occur to Billy's mother.

Shelley's grandfather always said that Jesse's parents had to have been stoned out of their goards to have named their son Jester. Her visits to Jesse's place indicated that not much had changed since then.

Billy and Jesse had been the brunt of bullying that first day, until Shelley had waded in to battle beside them. She could bite with a vengeance and knew where to aim a solid kick that would give grown men pause; six year olds didn't stand a chance. There wasn't any more name calling after that, at least not to their faces, and the three of them had been firm friends ever since.

It the grand scheme of things, while her friends had gotten the cool nicknames, Shelley's mother had managed to see that her hated name was used by all. Only her grandfather called her Rachel now, but she swore that one day she'd shake her awful diminutive and get her real name back.

As her friends finally vanished over the hill, Shelley stood and stretched. She turned, picking up her gear and walked back to the stairway to find somewhere to bunk down for the night.

15minuteficletsword #80: elegy
Part of the Abandoned!verse
Tags: abandoned, fiction, original, rachel evans
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