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RambleThomas walked along the soft shoulder of the road. He kicked a discarded beer can, it bounced off to the side and disappeared down into the deep drainage ditch, landing with a soft splash amid the weeds.

The road stretched out ahead and behind him for miles, the roadside markers and ghost gums glowing whitely in the full moon and the occasional lowing of a cow disturbing the silence.

The distant sound of an engine carried through the still night air and he stopped, cocking his head to one side before he determined that the vehicle was ahead of him. Thomas hurried ahead to where the trees where well clear of the road edges, where a hitchhiker would be better seen from a distance and crossed the road. As the car neared he stuck his arm out.

A battered, once blue, ute pulled up along side him and a gravelly voice offered Thomas a lift. He got into the old car and exchanged the usual introductions and pleasantries. Where are you from? Where are you going? What do you? Thomas smiled politely and answered the questions in his soft, almost effeminate voice.

His responses were the kind of thing a stranger would expect to hear. Discussion of the weather or a shared comment on the shire council needing to replace the section of armco on the bend by the river before some tourist drove through the gap.

The truth was that Thomas wasn't travelling to or from anywhere, but neither was he drifting. As the driver laid a too familiar hand on Thomas' knee, the boy's lightning fast reaction proved that he wasn't an easy mark. The knife handle sticking out of the driver's chest told another story, Thomas was on the hunt.

With the driver's ute pushed down into the ditch beside the road, Thomas brushed his hands off, settled his pack on his shoulders and walked into the night, the ghost of a smile on his lips.

15minuteficletsword #78: deserted


( 10 howls — talk to the wolf )
5th Nov, 2004 14:28 (UTC)
Beautifully written, I have to say. Didn't see the ending coming.

Wonderful, thanks :)
5th Nov, 2004 21:52 (UTC)
Thank you. Pleased the ending was a surprise for you.
5th Nov, 2004 18:23 (UTC)
That was a bit of a shocker! But most certainly, as beautifully written as ever. Is this a new 'verse, or have I missed out on previous parts?
5th Nov, 2004 22:02 (UTC)
This is a one off. Catching up on 15minuteficlets and felt the urge for something original. Still to tackle the current challenge.
5th Nov, 2004 18:45 (UTC)
I know I've been hanging around you too long when I expected that! :P

Was a little surprised that all he did was stab him though. What, no skining? Dismembering? Not even taking a scalp or finger or something as a trophy? ::shakes head:: I'm very disappointed in you, Wolf. Tsk, tsk... what is the world coming to? ::sigh::
5th Nov, 2004 22:05 (UTC)
Ah, but did you realise that the car sized hole in the armco railing was Thomas' last victim?

Thomas just prefers to kill and leave his victims by the side of the road. Possibly going out of his way to make it look like an accident, but not otherwise signing his work.
5th Nov, 2004 23:09 (UTC)
Ah, but did you realise that the car sized hole in the armco railing was Thomas' last victim?

Ah, no... missed that bit, actually. Damn! :) That's what I like about you. Layers, everything has layers!
5th Nov, 2004 23:13 (UTC)
Funny, I never see it as layers, but always love when people read things into my writing that I never intended. I just think of it as background that only made a tangental sidenote in the story. Perhaps that is layers.
7th Nov, 2004 17:04 (UTC)
Very nice. XD I expected the ending, but only because the scene was so unexpectedly normal at the beginning. Lovely descriptive work; particularly the discarded beer can and the weeds.
7th Nov, 2004 21:03 (UTC)
I'm going to write something fluffy and sweet one day and really surprise you.
( 10 howls — talk to the wolf )