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Acquired Tastes

Acquired Tastes"Hot!" Xander fanned his mouth and tried another piece of candy. "Salty!" He tried again and screwed his face up in disgust. "Perfumey!"

Dawn had almost bitten through her lip to stop laughing as she watched Xander's performance with macabre fascination. It had been going on for five minutes, but he kept going back for more.

"What is that stuff?" she whispered.

Spike had substituted the contents of Anya's candy bowl. "Crystallised ginger, double salted liquorice and musk sticks."

"It is edible, right?"

"Depends what you're used to. Thought I'd broaden his palate."

Xander reached for the bowl again. "Salty!"

open_on_sundaychallenge #83: playing
Part of the Mischief!verse


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25th Oct, 2004 07:13 (UTC)
Sort of reminds me Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. You know, those Harry Potter jelly beans? You run the risk of getting dirt or vomit flavor, but can help up grab some anyway.

But the difference between that and this is that you actually get good flavors with the jelly beans. I'm not sure if Xander is stupid or just a masochist.

Nevermind. I think I know the answer to that. XD

Anyway, I prefer S/D friendship to the romance, so it's a pleasure to see this updated again. That that I'm not enjoying the Rome!verse of course, just nice to see a jump back to an older verse. :)
25th Oct, 2004 07:15 (UTC)
Damn typos
*not that I'm not....

God, I despise the lack of ability to edit LJ comments. >_
25th Oct, 2004 08:06 (UTC)
Re: Damn typos
Same here. Drives me nuts that you don't see the typos until the moment you hit the post button.
25th Oct, 2004 08:05 (UTC)
They're all actually things I eat. They even make salted liquorice Chupa Chups. Yum! You probably didn't want to know that.

This challenge was made for this verse and it was nice to play with it again.
25th Oct, 2004 08:46 (UTC)
Crystallised ginger ::shudders:: Way too strong for my likings ^_^ Enjoyed the drabble, and now am off to find something tasty to nibble on.
25th Oct, 2004 08:54 (UTC)
My grandfather's to blame for the crystallised ginger addiction. He ate it all the time and tried to hide it from me, so I figured it must be good. Love the stuff.
25th Oct, 2004 13:59 (UTC)
*laughing* And still, he never learns. There's something painfully fascinating about that. Love your mischief!verse as always.
25th Oct, 2004 22:47 (UTC)
Thanks. It was very much in the vein of Lisa Simpson's Is a hamster smarter than my brother?. So if candy is involved, I would have to say the hamster is winning out over Xander.
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