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Strange MachineThe mahogany skinned woman stepped out of the oppressive summer heat into the climate-controlled station. Blinking rapidly as the photochromic filters in her eyes adjusted, the colour bleeding from her skin now that it was no longer needed to protect her from the UV outside.

She eyed the air monitors in the corridor suspiciously. It was the latest rage in citizen profiling, sniffing passersby and matching them against a database of scents.

The woman fingered the heavy rainbow band tattooed around her wrist, she idly considered programming in the aroma of a warthog in heat, but settled for generic businessman instead. No point calling attention to herself. The tattoo paled as it altered her scent.

As always, the trains were delayed and she was forced to wait, but it gave her the chance to check her news feeds. Headlines overlaid her vision, one caught her attention and she called up the article.

Someone had taken out the Prime Minister, it was the third one this year. According to security sensors, the man was killed by a hormonally unbalanced llama.

The woman smiled to herself. Revolution was in the air and the government hadn't seen it coming. Some things never changed.

mistersleepless' strange machine challenge — futurity


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(Deleted comment)
16th Oct, 2004 00:14 (UTC)
I figured that if people could readily change their physical appearance, face recognition cameras would be useless. Not that they were ever any good in the first place, way too many false positives and bugger all real positives. So I thought the government would be quick to jump on the next never able to be circumvented surveillance technology and smell seemed like an interesting idea.
16th Oct, 2004 00:23 (UTC)
Nice! Being heavily tattoo myself, I especially like the fact that the tattoo was the device of subterfuge...
16th Oct, 2004 00:55 (UTC)
I liked the idea of tattoos as functional rather than decoration. At least it would mean you couldn't forget you watch or whatever in the morning.
16th Oct, 2004 00:25 (UTC)
You know what? As far-out futuristic as all this stuff sounds, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually comes to pass. Skin pigment changes, programmable body odours, live data feeds directly to the brain? Yeah, I can see that happening.

But a hormonally unbalanced llama? ::snerk:: Only you. :D
16th Oct, 2004 00:58 (UTC)
I don't think most of it is too far off either. Implantable contact lenses are a reality, what's to stop the helpful addition of photochromic filters to cut glare?

As for the llama, if you're going to mess with sniffer detection, you may as well really mess with it.
16th Oct, 2004 09:43 (UTC)
Very cool stuff, wolf. And the llama cracked me up!
16th Oct, 2004 10:10 (UTC)
You've got to watch those llamas. Or in this case, assassins pretending to be llamas.
(Deleted comment)
17th Oct, 2004 03:09 (UTC)
It does have that ring of something badly translated into English.
(Deleted comment)
17th Oct, 2004 05:07 (UTC)
I'd be honoured.

LiveJournal is an interesting beast, full of overlapping circles of friends and communities.

My LiveJournal is fiction only, mostly fan fiction with the odd original work thrown in. I write almost exclusively to challenges from various communities, which sounds pretentious now I've written it, but it seems to keep me writing, so all is good.

I never bother with the usual ugly lump of fanfic disclaimers for reasons of site aesthetics, so if you don't know what I'm waffling about, please feel free to ask.
16th Oct, 2004 12:17 (UTC)
Scent changing chamelion assasin revolutionary tattoo wearing goodness. Matt like.
16th Oct, 2004 13:33 (UTC)
Your fic kink is quite a mouthful, pleased to have scratched it for you.
17th Oct, 2004 02:28 (UTC)
LOL! You had me eating out of your hand! I was practically bouncing on my chair: political intrigue *and* SciFi--heaven!

Is there more? Do I sense a series?
17th Oct, 2004 03:12 (UTC)
Warren Ellis made me do it. I don't know how that will hold up as a defence in court.

There's no plans immediately, maybe once I've finished off current fic commitments I come back to it again. Really happy that you enjoyed it.
17th Oct, 2004 05:14 (UTC)
Very enjoyable.
17th Oct, 2004 05:26 (UTC)
Thank you! Pleased you enjoyed it.
17th Oct, 2004 22:42 (UTC)
According to security sensors, the man was killed by a hormonally unbalanced llama.

that's great man
17th Oct, 2004 23:16 (UTC)
If you're going to mess with securities sensors, you may as well go all the way. Thanks for dropping by.
17th Oct, 2004 22:53 (UTC)
Nice nanofiction piece. Short, sharp and to the point.

And a cracking final line.
17th Oct, 2004 23:17 (UTC)
Re: nice...
Many thanks. It was nice to get my teeth into original fiction again. First time I've really taken a shot at playing with the future.
18th Oct, 2004 03:21 (UTC)
I'll risk being redundant to compliment your piece. It is one of my favorites so far.
18th Oct, 2004 04:06 (UTC)
Many thanks. I appreciate you reading and am pleased to hear you enjoyed it.
23rd Nov, 2004 07:20 (UTC)
According to security sensors, the man was killed by a hormonally unbalanced llama.

::snickers:: Well, if you're going screw with the government, why not make their job as difficult as possible?

Loved it. Bravo.
23rd Nov, 2004 08:25 (UTC)
This one was fun and I like the idea of messing with the government in subtle and confusing ways. Just imagining the committee meetings of dull, grey-suited men trying to figure out the anomoly is amusing.
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