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ProgressionDawn was woken by a cool breeze across her back. She pulled the covers around her and reached for Spike, he wasn't there. Opening her eyes, she looked up at the open balcony door and saw Spike leaning against the railing, a cigarette in his hand.

Pulling on a t-shirt, she joined Spike. "Couldn't sleep?" Dawn wrapped her arms around him and snuggled into his back.

"Didn't mean to wake you love." He turned and pulled her into his arms, kissing her.

Dawn smiled. "It was worth waking up for that." She looked out at the view, the lights of London stretched out below them. "It's so pretty at night."

"When I was growing up it was all gaslights and carriages. And nowhere near as tall." But even as the city changed, there were things that stayed the same. It gave a nice sense of familiarity, a touchstone through the years.

The traffic noises echoed up the front of the building as Spike and Dawn watched the city stir with the beginnings of the morning rush. A reminder that nothing was static, life changed and people changed with it.

"The sun will be up soon." Dawn looked to the lightening horizon. The sun may well rise, but with the weather the way it had been in recent days, there was little chance that the city would actually see it.

Spike pulled Dawn tight against his side. "I can think of better thinks to do with a morning than becoming a pile of ash." They went back inside, closing the door and drawing the heavy drapes behind them and, much to house-keeping's annoyance, they wouldn't surface again that day.

thomasina75's birthday challenge — something sweet


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14th Oct, 2004 13:51 (UTC)

This gave me a warm fuzzy inside! I love when you write these little Spawn moments. You're so much better than I when it comes to developing a story. You understand that it can't just be smut all the time! :)
14th Oct, 2004 23:12 (UTC)
Thanks! Smut takes too long for me to write, these ficlets flow much more quickly. The muse is strange that way.
(Deleted comment)
14th Oct, 2004 23:13 (UTC)
So happy to hear you liked it. It also answered the problem of what book to dig out and read again, Roofworld won out.
14th Oct, 2004 15:30 (UTC)
Awwwwwwww.... this was so cute! Gotta love that sweet D/S moment. *hugs*
14th Oct, 2004 23:14 (UTC)
Well, something sweet was the challenge and by you comments it sounds like it was met.
15th Oct, 2004 03:42 (UTC)
I love the sort of bittersweet ruminations on how London (and life) changes, while staying in some essential way the same.

Plus, the sense of connection between Dawn and Spike is just palpable -- the way they relax around each other, understand each other's quirks, and, well... *whispers* head off to have wild sex. ;-D
15th Oct, 2004 04:21 (UTC)
Glad you liked this. And nice to see the static and dynamic theme worked. As for wild monkey sex, sometimes things are best left to your own imagination.
15th Oct, 2004 04:50 (UTC)
I love the mention of gaslights and carriages here (Victorian things are always a personal favorite). It's both sweet and surprisingly introspective; intimate without the narration having to take over, since the dialogue works so well. Adorable.
15th Oct, 2004 05:12 (UTC)
Many thanks! Apparently there is something Victorian in the air this week.
(Deleted comment)
18th Oct, 2004 23:19 (UTC)
The Victorians had too many clothes for my tastes. I think Spike may be quite happy to leave that behind him.
20th Nov, 2004 02:32 (UTC)
Nice. :-)
20th Nov, 2004 02:36 (UTC)
See, I don't always kill things in stories. Of, course, I could just be lulling you into a false sense of security too.
20th Nov, 2004 06:30 (UTC)
~~Of, course, I could just be lulling you into a false sense of security too.~~

Oh, dear. Now I'm scared. ;-D
( 13 howls — talk to the wolf )