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ExpertiseEventually the arguing got to the point where Wolf had to physically intervene and send the combatants to opposite ends of the warehouse to cool off.

Dawn watched as Michael, rubbing his jaw where Ceallach had hit him, headed off to his neutral corner. "I could get used to this."

"What? Betting on which of our assistants kills the other?" Ceallach had disappeared to the back of the warehouse. Spike could hear her taking out her frustration on an inanimate object. He didn't think it would survive the encounter.

Dawn laughed. "No. Being in charge, being the one that people turn to for a change."

"Pretty easy to get used to, isn't it." Spike leaned back on the workbench, his eyes roaming over the shelves opposite. He wondered at the motivation of the man behind the collection, he was leaning towards more money than sense.

Picking up a pencil, Dawn absently rolled it over her knuckles as she spoke. "I don't think I could go back to being a dogs body for the Watchers."

"Know what you mean. I'm sick of Angel calling the shots and treating me like his minion. We're better than that."

Dawn nodded in agreement. "Yeah, but what can we do?"

"Look around, love?" Spike waved a hand at the shelves of objects and antiquities they'd been called in to identify. "Between us we have fighting skills, knowledge of antique, demonic and magical books and artifacts, and diverse contacts throughout Europe."

Dawn turned to look at Spike. "You really think we could?"

"I'm sure we could."

He was right, they knew things, they knew people, they knew how to do things to people to achieve their required result. It was a big step, stepping out on your own for the first time, but Dawn felt that Spike's idea was worth the risk. "Let's do it."

"You're serious?" Spike nudged Dawn's shoulder.

"Definitely. Besides, we'll never know until we try."

"Might be worth having a chat to Wolf, she if she knows of anyone local with a need for our expertise. She'll have contacts we don't and it never hurts to ask."

15minuteficletsword #75: frustration
Part of the Rome!verse, the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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(Deleted comment)
7th Oct, 2004 22:53 (UTC)
They may as well take a shot at being the head sherrangs, they'll never be given the chance where they were.
7th Oct, 2004 14:00 (UTC)
Ooooh, D/S have a plan for the future. Interesting how that will turn out. (and betting on their assistants, heh)
7th Oct, 2004 23:03 (UTC)
As for betting on their assistants, you make your fun where you can.
7th Oct, 2004 14:00 (UTC)

Very excited to see how this progresses! Spawn helping the helpless!
7th Oct, 2004 23:04 (UTC)
Maybe not helping the helpless, it may be more profitable marketing their skills to larger cashed up entities. We shall see.
7th Oct, 2004 19:48 (UTC)
Being in charge, being the one that people turn to for a change."

Go team Spawn! :0)
7th Oct, 2004 23:06 (UTC)
Well perhaps not literally out of the shadows, but figuratively at least.
7th Oct, 2004 19:48 (UTC)
Heh. Cool! Dawn and Spike -- we identify your problem and beat it up. Or something like that, but snappier, as I'm no good at slogans.
7th Oct, 2004 23:07 (UTC)
Consultants on the esoteric and strange.
11th Oct, 2004 09:25 (UTC)
Oh hell it's heaven...
::pounces:: prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! ::ruffle ruffle ruffle::

Oh boy there's betting and fighting and beating up inanimate things and chopppppsticks ::drools:: and hell i'm handy with a spoon. And who wouldn't want to follow Spike round and take notes. Oh sorry, did you think i was taking notes about the artifacts?? Why would i waste precious typing time on that? More like an examination of those luscious cheekbones, that gorgeous ass, that beautiful curly hair, those lean muscles... urgughrughrugh...

You're writing wonderfully as always Wolf, please take this comment as one on all of your fics of late, which i just caught up on.
::dips head and narrows eyes:: Now then. Better make sure my holsters oiled and my chopsticks are clean (okay, can anyone say innuendo??) for the arrival of my... trainer. Mmmmmmm.... ::licks fangs::
12th Oct, 2004 04:44 (UTC)
Re: Oh hell it's heaven...
I'm glad you enjoyed your cameo. I figured that shipping you off to play with Logan was about the only way I could salvage an intact Spike. Hope you have fun with the little guy.
13th Oct, 2004 14:45 (UTC)
Re: Oh hell it's heaven...
Yup, Spike's damn lucky Logan is on the way, otherwise he'd be lunch. I'm gonna have one hell of a hairball problem after my trainer arrives. ::licks fangs::

I wonder if one can buy icon-blinkers.

::keels over::
( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )