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GreenHis heart was with another, but she went away. Now he's with the other. Holding her, touching her, drying her tears and making her smile with a silly gesture.

I can feel their pain, all dark and jagged, it clamours, whispers to me. I didn't cause their discomfort, but I dearly wish I did. Wish I could twist the knife, make her pay for taking what's mine, make him pay for not wanting to play with me any more.

Her pretty, green strength all wrapped around his horrible, shiny soul. Mummy wants her boy back, she wants his Key too.

open_on_sundaychallenge #44: seven deadly sins: jealousy


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26th Jan, 2004 10:47 (UTC)
Dru, right? And Spike 'n' Dawn? Chilly scary. Yum.
26th Jan, 2004 20:56 (UTC)
You got it right, Dru, Spike and Dawn. Glad you liked it.
23rd Feb, 2004 20:52 (UTC)
Claire Starling
I LOVE THIS! I really hope that maybe you'll continue this train of thought in another story? *looks hopeful* I know that you like to write stories short and sweet but maybe a longer one? Because the Dru/Spike/Dawn fun is so great to play with and your writing style will definately do it justice.
24th Feb, 2004 00:29 (UTC)
Well, maybedarkpink has a Druficathon kicking off soon so there's a possibility it may get expanded there depending on what I get as a challenge.
( 4 howls — talk to the wolf )