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InfatuationSpike picked up a delicate china vase and sniffed it, the tell-tale scent of lemon myrtle and wormwood was faint but unmistakable. "You'll need to get this cleaned by the Butrosz clan." He'd never known why, but Glekna demons had a thing for English porcelain and used it for ceremonial purposes. There was a local clan that had built up quite a business by specialising in deconsecrating and on-selling the pieces to general collectors.

Ceallach jotted down Spike's comments on her PDA and trotted along after him, stopping by his side at the next artefact and invading his personal space yet again.

Sighing to himself as he handled what looked like a mahogany umbrella stand decorated with arcane symbols that were inlaid in silver, Spike wondered what he'd done to get lumbered with such an over enthusiastic assistant. She had developed an instant and less than subtle crush on him.

It's not that she wasn't attractive, she was, although Spike had to admit that her wild mane of hair appeared to be a force of nature in its own right. It was just that he'd finally pulled his finger out and got together with Dawn and now women were throwing themselves at him. Fate had a strange sense of humour.

To be honest, Ceallach was slightly disturbing. She muttered under her breath in Irish whenever Spike had to bend over or reach for an object. He didn't think she'd be quite so blunt about voicing what she'd like to do to his body if she knew he understood what she was saying. Spike found the humour in that.

What was really odd, was the holster at her waist that held chopsticks. She disappeared during lunch and when she returned, Spike could smell blood emanating from the holster.

He shook his head. To each their own. If Ceallach wanted to run about killing things in her lunch break, it was no skin off his nose.

At least she didn't drive him insane with inane arguments about the scientific soundness of engineering principles in Star Trek, like Dawn's assistant. He would have throttled the bloke by now. With a brief pang of sympathy for Dawn, Spike went back to work.

15minuteficletsword #74: natural
Part of the Rome!verse, the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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3rd Oct, 2004 11:31 (UTC)
I like the normal, everyday sort of stories that you write. People just trying to get their business done. ;)

"deconsecrate" is to remove the holiness or sacredness of an object. Is that the word you meant to use? The context implies that the clan is trying to remove the demon-taint from the porcelain - am I right?
3rd Oct, 2004 11:53 (UTC)
The clan are a member of the demon species who use the vessels for ceremonial purposes. They may be a more capitalistic group than the rest, but they still hold their traditions in high regard and deconsecrate the objects before selling them to human collectors. Well, that and weird smelling herbs can really cause a significant drop in prices on the open market.
3rd Oct, 2004 15:06 (UTC)

More Rome!verse! Nice installment, even on vacation, Dawn and Spike can't escape the research! Interesting introduction of Camilla! I wonder what her story might be?
4th Oct, 2004 01:07 (UTC)
You'll have to ask pheral about Camilla. She kept telling me she was heading to London to stalk Spike, so I wrote her in.
(Deleted comment)
4th Oct, 2004 01:08 (UTC)
Hopefully moving towards some kind of conclusion soon if the muse isn't distracted by shiny things.
3rd Oct, 2004 17:42 (UTC)
Kinda confused
Ok..I'm kinda confused. What is the rome!verse and the Wolf&Declan!verse? Ive been reading you're little things lately and I'm kinda lost...
4th Oct, 2004 01:15 (UTC)
Re: Kinda confused
I write to challenges. Some of those drabbles and ficlets are part of a larger whole. So if you've run across me on one community, you may only be seeing fragments of a story. This is the sixteenth part of Rome.

Wolf and Declán are my characters, anything they're in becomes part of the Wolf&Declán!verse.

The links are where you'll find the rest of the story, or in the case of Wolf and Declán, other stories they've appeared in.
4th Oct, 2004 02:55 (UTC)
I like the glimpses you give us of the world and people around Spike and Dawn. Also... killing things with chopsticks during lunch break??? Will we learn more about this?
4th Oct, 2004 05:45 (UTC)
I can't lay claim to the chopsticks, they're pheral's weapon of choice. She kept telling me she was heading for London to stalk Spike, so I cameoed her.
4th Oct, 2004 03:01 (UTC)
Ah, so here was the backstory (look, I'm feedbacking at your lj again! I missed you so much! *hugs*)

This was cute, in a strange way. Gotta love the thought of Spike accosted by women when he can't take his pick. Poor boy.
4th Oct, 2004 05:49 (UTC)
See, I wasn't just teasing you, there was backstory.

This is a companion piece to last week's ficlet, two parts back, about Dawn's scifi obsessed geek of an assistant.
4th Oct, 2004 04:31 (UTC)
::grins widely:: I was just about to remark on how subtle this cameo was until I came to the part about the chopsticks. A holster? Wolf, you kill me. ::snicker::

pheral's gonna love this, assuming she gets a chance to see it. ;P
4th Oct, 2004 06:01 (UTC)
How could I resist the chopsticks? Drooling would be a reasonably common reaction to working with Spike, hunting down vermin with chopsticks is pure pheral.

I've e-mailed her the links, so she should see them when she gets access to the Net again.

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