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Cuisine"I come bearing Chinese." Wolf held up plastic bags full of steaming plastic containers.

Dawn was practically bouncing in excitement. "Do you have any chop suey?"

Wolf looked at her like she'd grown another head. "Dawn, love, this is Chinese food. Noodles, steamed wonton, braised wonton, fried wonton and short soup." She shifted her gaze to Spike who shrugged.

"What can I say? She grew up in Sunnydale, their idea of foreign cuisine is hamburgers that have wacky names served by spotty teenagers in quaint themed costumes."

Dawn looked confused and a little hurt, Spike wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Sorry, love, but Sunnydale had some really shit food." He grabbed a bag off Wolf and headed for the kitchen, Dawn following behind. She watched as Wolf and Spike emptied the containers into bowls and brought them across to the table.

Poking through the selection before her, Dawn couldn't believe how good it smelled and tasted. "So this is real Chinese food? Wow."

Smiling as she watched Dawn gamely struggled with the slippery combination of chopsticks and noodles, Wolf nodded. "It's just one regional style. The chef comes from Szechuan province and this is the type of cooking from his region."

"Cool. Can we try something new next time?"

Personally Wolf thought that take away was a better way of introducing her guests to the joys of her favourite Chinese restaurant. It wasn't nicknamed Crazy Noodle for nothing. Cramped tables, sharing tables with total strangers, meals ending up at the wrong table. It was fast in, fast out rather than a relaxed dining experience, but the food was amazing.

"Wait until I introduce you to the heaven that is pide." She wondered what Dawn would make of the kitsch interior and the loop tapes of belly dancing.

Dawn looked blank, Spike took pity on her. "It's Turkish pizza. You'll love it."

"Well, if it's as good as this I'm sure I'll love it." She couldn't believe she'd been missing out on food this good her entire life. Dawn thought her holiday in London was off to a great start.

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Part of the Rome!verse, the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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19th Sep, 2004 10:23 (UTC)

Loved this! So cute! Sunnydale sounds a lot like my hometown in the restaurant department. Spike is also quite the wealth of knowledge, isn't he?

And my obligatory phrase in all my comments for you, "More!"
19th Sep, 2004 10:32 (UTC)
It's one of the things I love about Sydney, you can get any kind of food here. Crazy Noodle is a real place, it's actually called Chinese Noodle Restaurant and is the only place I've ever seen where they make their own noodles. It really is that insane, I won't mention the dodgy decor, but does the food rock.

That's me caught up on 15minuteficlets, and I really need to move this along a bit. See what I can do with the next challenge.
19th Sep, 2004 11:35 (UTC)
Right, now I'm starving and I can't eat for another thirty minutes. Gah, that sounded delicious. And good on Wolf and Spike for appreciating "real" food, too.
19th Sep, 2004 12:32 (UTC)
One of the things I miss from an old job is that we were near the best restaurants. Great food, well priced. I managed to discover that vegan food can taste good. Mmm... Bodhidharma... Buddhist vegan yum cha.
19th Sep, 2004 15:07 (UTC)
See, look, now you've introduced chopsticks, my weapon of choice, into the verse. You're tempting hooooorible things here.... (so, keep going)

::fingers chopstick-holster lovingly::
19th Sep, 2004 22:59 (UTC)
Which reminds me that I need more chopsticks. Gone to write it on the fridge.
19th Sep, 2004 19:00 (UTC)
Suddenly I have this intense desire to hit one of the local Chinese takeout counters...
19th Sep, 2004 23:06 (UTC)
I can highly recommend taking Chinese food to the movies.

The takeaway container of choice in Australia is plastic, but one in the city uses those paperboard boxes you always see in American movies. These are a huge novelty to me.

Me and some mates have hit Hokka Hokka (satay beef noodles) followed by the juice bar (I have orange and passionfruit in one pocket, watermelon in the other because I can never decide between the two) and we've smuggled the lot into the flagship cinema in George Street and happily overwhelmed the smell of popcorn.

Can't imagine we'd get away with it during peak times, but we did at the noon session. Best movie food ever.
20th Sep, 2004 08:01 (UTC)
*drools* It's almost 1am where I live and I'm having hungry thoughts about Chinese food. This is such a cozy scene shared between friends. Food is a great way to bring people together.
20th Sep, 2004 08:09 (UTC)
I seem to have given everyone a craving for Chinese food with this one.
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