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ProvisionDawn looked carefully at Spike. "Wolf does know we're staying here doesn't she?"

After years of living with a sister who assumed things rather than confirming them, she found it a good policy to verify arrangements. Just because Spike still had access to a place, didn't always mean he was welcome.

"Who do you think arranged the passport, visas and express trip through airport bureaucracy?" Spike could see concern warring with surprise on Dawn's face and he hugged her to his side. "None of which was by the books, but I'd rather deal with someone I trust than Wolfram & Hart."

open_on_sundaychallenge #76: faith
Part of the Rome!verse and the London!verse


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6th Sep, 2004 03:39 (UTC)
Read the previous installment--loved it, tried to tell you but my server decided to dump me just as hit "comment". So, what I'm hoping for is more about Wolf. Who is "she"? ;-))
6th Sep, 2004 04:03 (UTC)
Cursed servers.

Wolf is my character. There are a few stories from the Wolf&Declán!verse on LJ, but the rest of them are on my site.
6th Sep, 2004 04:41 (UTC)
Very nice; I like that Wolf would do that for them.
6th Sep, 2004 04:54 (UTC)
Thought it would be best to bring a neutral party in if they're to get a break from both W&H and the Council.
(Deleted comment)
6th Sep, 2004 23:48 (UTC)
Thanks muchly!
6th Sep, 2004 13:20 (UTC)
::steps off plane. sniffs::

I think i can smell spike's hair-gel...

:P More more!
6th Sep, 2004 23:50 (UTC)
If you tease the muse with comments like this, the muse may insert you into the story. It should be noted that the muse should never be trusted on things like this.
7th Sep, 2004 09:03 (UTC)
Sadly, i may already be too busy doing this: www.livejournal.com/community/jaesfiguretoons/

6th Sep, 2004 23:30 (UTC)
Hey, Wolf enters the picture! Very cool, using her to get around the W&H issue.

Just because Spike still had egress to a place, didn't always mean he was welcome. That should be: Just because Spike still had access to a place didn't always mean he was welcome. Egress means exit, not entrance.
6th Sep, 2004 23:52 (UTC)
Thanks for error checking, change has been made.

Apparently my brain was kidnapped by aliens when I wrote that, it certainly wasn't being used by me.
8th Sep, 2004 09:10 (UTC)
*laughs* That is so like Spike to think that way. Great job!
27th Sep, 2004 08:25 (UTC)
W&H have never been the most trustworthy of companies, and it's always good to have contacts that may not be expected of you.
( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )