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CatalogueDeclán slumped back on the lounge and watched the stacks of CDs grow into a miniature cityscape on the floor about his sister. Wolf was in one of her organisational moods and it was always best to stay out of her way.

It had all started when she'd gone looking for something and couldn't find it, which had led to her rummaging through their collection and leaving piles of discs in her wake. It wasn't until the now mammoth task of reshelving the plundered cabinet had become apparent, that she had launched into the full-blown inventory frenzy. After a brief interruption for a one-sided debate about the pros and cons of sorting by genre and alphabetisation or alphabetisation alone was decided, she was back in a flurry of sorting, shuffling and repositioning discs in their new locations.

It could have been worse. Last time this happened, the vinyl had been the object of her brief period of obsessive cataloguing and that was a far more extensive collection than the CDs. The task had taken a little over a week.

Declán could never figure out why someone, whose domestic skills generally had more in common with a squirrel than a human, would have sudden attacks of targeted neatness. It was bizarre and oddly disturbing. But still, it was better than the time she'd gone silly with the breakfast cereals.

15minuteficletsword #38: obsession
Part of the Wolf&Declán!verse


26th Jan, 2004 01:11 (UTC)
A lot of the X-titles, less said about the steady degradation of quality there the better. Some of the Vertigo line — Sandman, Hellblazer. A friend got me onto Lenore and Jhonen Vasquez' stuff. Recently fell over the Niles / Templesmith collaborations. And somehow I ended up on Warren Ellis' (mistersleepless) mailing list and he keeps sending weird fucked up e-mails, so I've started getting some of his comics too.
26th Jan, 2004 01:38 (UTC)
Yeah, I know about the degradation. For the longest time I was really into the X-Men, anything that had Wolverine really. But lately the books, any X-title at the moment are a little limp and bleh. I also collected the Xena comics and I have a few Batman around somewhere. Sandman's pretty cool, haven't started forking over the cash for the books though. I dunno about the rest you've mentioned. I pretty much stick to Marvel- -well, that and I've been out of the comic circle for about a year.

Any recommendations?
26th Jan, 2004 02:09 (UTC)
I'm a big Wolverine fan too. Rumour has it Marvel will rehash Excalibur, but considering the dog's breakfast they made of of it last time, I don't hold much hope for goodness — picture the hideous New Mutants revival.

DC's Vertigo puts out some great comics and are always worth a look in, there's a second Midnight Mass. mini due soon I'm grabbing. Aside from some great art and writing, Vertigo keep a team together for the length of a story arc. They do lean to the darker, less spandexy, adult end of the market though.

Loved Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith's Criminal Macabre mini about a drunk, drug addicted, ex-cop who deals with monsters, and am hanging out for their Freaks Of The Heartland series. Slave Labor put out Roman Dirge's Lenore (a little dead girl) and Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (think Invader Zim, without the Nickelodeon cuteness), you should be able to get reprints of the comics as well as the books. Any of the The Adventures of Barry Ween minis are great too.
26th Jan, 2004 02:12 (UTC)
New Mutants... brrr. And I look into those, thanx. ^_^