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PassageIt started when they arrived at the airport for their flight to London to find an official from the British Embassy waiting for them. Spike was handed a diplomatic pouch, but he may as well have received a free pass to avoiding the bureaucratic nightmare that international travel had become in recent years.

Dawn had spent the two hour flight trying to pry information out of Spike about why he was suddenly a diplomatic courier. But it was to no avail. He just plugged himself into the in-flight sound system, jacked up the volume to an ear-bleeding level, leaned back in his seat and smiled his infuriatingly smug smile.

The weirdness didn't stop on touchdown at Heathrow either.

They breezed past customs and were met by a very efficient young woman with a brisk manner, who divested Spike of his package and ushered them into a waiting vehicle.

Dawn's questions were still met with enigmatic silence, although Spike was more than happy to provide a running commentary on the London landmarks they were driving past. Not giving up, but too excited to be in London as a tourist, Dawn found herself enjoying the more colourful elements Spike added to his detailed narrative.

She was almost disappointed when the car pulled up outside a townhouse in what looked to be a fairly affluent area. Spike helped the driver with their bags as Dawn stared up at the impressive building.

"What did he mean when he told you that your key still worked?"

Spike nodded to the front door. "Open it."

The door was firmly locked and Dawn shot Spike a questioning look, wondering if he really expected her to believe it would be unlocked? But her mouth dropped open when Spike turned the handle and opened the door for her.

"My key still works," he answered.

Preceding Spike into the house Dawn looked around, spotting the painting of a wolf on the wall over the fire, when the penny finally dropped.

"Wolf lives here!" She laughed in delight. She'd forgotten that not all of Spike's contacts were from the seamier side of town, some of them were actually legitimate. It appeared that having a friend who worked for Interpol meant a lot of doors would be opened for you, literally in this case.

15minuteficletsword #70: extra
Part of the Rome!verse and the London!verse
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, london, rome, spike
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