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TechniquesMr Croup stood over the broken man, his words, not to mention his studious application of various sharp implements, were having little effect on loosening the man's tongue.

Bored with torturing, when he would much rather have been killing, Mr Vandemar amused himself with the corpse of the man's companion.

He'd popped out the eyes and placed marbles in the empty sockets, which had provided a momentary diversion. He'd since moved onto slowly flaying the skin from the arms and eating it like spaghetti. He had his own ways of loosening tongues, but found his victims didn't say much afterwards.



2nd Sep, 2004 01:22 (UTC)
Loved Raya's stuff! Reminds me of the comic 'Lenore' somewhat.

Raya does stray into the seriously creepy, but I don't see Roman Dirge in his work. It's way better art than Dirge.

Providing Slave Labor Graphics have their ordering system fixed, it screwed up my name, I should have the last of my missing Lenore comics winging their way to me now. So very cute.
2nd Sep, 2004 08:14 (UTC)
ooh jealous! in october i am going to be in norway when he is attending a comic-convention and i cant wait to meet him! considering i'll also be the only person there speaking english without a norwegian accent we might be able to strike a note... heres hoping for signatures alllll over my body. Mm.